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AC:CF Tom Nook's Store Guide
In Animal Crossing: City Folk, the only shop in town belongs to Tom Nook. When you first begin playing the game, Tom Nook's shop will start off as Nook's Cranny, a small shack with very few different items for sale each day. As time passes, Tom Nook will eventually use his profits to increase the size of his shop to hold more items.

Nook's shop has three upgrades after Nook's Cranny, giving Nook's store a total of 4 different sizes, each which different store hours and stock. After a certain amount of days has passed, when Nook has earned enough bells, he will close down the store for a day to renovate to the next store size.

Tom Nook's Store Upgrades

Store Hours Stage Image
Nook's Cranny 8 AM - 10 PM Beginning shop
Nook'n'Go 7 AM - 1 AM Renovation of Nook's Cranny, at least 8 days after game is started, with at least 30,000 bells worth of purchases
NookWay 8 AM - 10 PM Renovation of Nook 'n' Go, at least 15 days after renovation from Nook's Cranny, with at least 80,000 bells worth of purchases
Nookingtons 9 AM - 9 PM Renovation of NookWay, at least 22 days after the renovation from Nook 'n' Go, with at least 150,000 bells worth of purchases

In AC:GC and AC:WW, it was required for a player from another town to buy an item from Nook's store for it to be upgraded to Nookington's. In AC:CF, a player from another town doesn't have to buy an item from Nook for him to upgrade to Nookington's.

Below is a table showing the number of items in each renovation of Nook's stores.

Store Furniture Tools Flowers Saplings Flooring Wallpaper Stationary Medicine Paint Can
Nook's Cranny 2 3 0 1 1 1 1 1 0
NooknGo 3 3 2 1 1 1 2 1 1
Nookway 5 4 4 2 2 2 4 1 1
Nookingtons 8 6 7 3 3 3 4 1 1


About a month after the upgrade to Nookington's, Nook will start to doubt his service. As each player leaves the shop, Nook will ask them what they look for in a store.

1) Saying "Variety" will make Tom Nook change the store into Nookington's.
2) Saying "Balance" will make Tom Nook change the store into NookWay.
3) Saying "Hours" will make Tom Nook change the store into Nook 'n' Go.
4) Saying "Nothing much" will result in no store change.

After a few days, Nook will think over the votes of each player and make his decision based on which answer received the most votes.

A) If you choose an option that has Nook change to a store other than the one you currently have, Nook will close down for a day to renovate, like normal.
B) If you choose an answer resulting in an change to a store size that you don't want, you will have to wait until next month for Nook to ask you again.

Nook’s Points

Tom is sure savvy at his retail profession, and he knows how to keep his customers coming back. With free stuff, of course! For every 100 bells you spend on items at the shop, you earn 1 Nook point, or more on special days where you receive special bonus points! You even earn Visitor Points just for visiting the shop everyday! Step up to the green machine that appears in all of Nook’s shops to check out the progress of your points and find out what level your membership status is.


Rank Basic Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Points 1st Purchase 300 5,000 10,000 20,000
Store Discount 0% 0% 5% 10% 20%
Reward N/A Nook's Cranny model Nook 'n' Go model Nookway model Nookington's model

Note: Discounted goods award less Nook Points.

Each title improvement automatically sends that character a mail from TNPS, announcing the promotion and including a model of one of the many models of Nook's shop, which can be placed as furniture in your house:

Nook's Cranny Model Nook N' Go Model Nookway Model Nookington's Model

Point Rewards
Below is a table showing the rewards that you can get from the TNPS and the value of the item.

Banana Tripple Shells Yoshi's Egg Bad Bro 'Stache
Toad Hat Peach's Parasol Hero's Clothes Varia Suit
Wario Hat Hero's Cap Majora's Mask Samus Mask
Midna's Mask Kart

Once in awhile, Nook will feature a spotlight item in his shop. These items are rare and collectable, and aren’t seen around too often. Tom will also release seasonal gifts at certain times of the year. You can only purchase them for a limited time, so buy them while you can!

Spotlight items
Baby Panda
Basic Painting
Black King
Black Queen
Blue Corner
Blue Dresser
Cabana Armchair
Cabin Bookcase
Cement Mixer
Classic Bookcase
Common Painting
Covered Wagon
Deluxe Washer
Exotic Chest
Garden Gnome
Green Pantry
Hamster Cage
Hi-Fi Stereo
IV Drip
Ivory Piano
Kiddie Stereo
Lovely Kitchen
Lucky Gold Cat
Master Sword
Modern Cabinet
Mummy’s Casket
Ninja Sword
Plum Bonsai
Ranch Hutch
Regal Clock
Samurai Suit
Sleeping Bag
Treasure Chest
Unknown Machine
White King
White Queen

Catalog Tips & Hints

Each of your characters in City Folk have their own personal catalog in which they can buy items from conveniently. They are then shipped to your house within one day. Tom records every item that you’ve purchased from his shop, along with everything you’ve sold from him. To view your catalog, just speak with Nook at his shop.

There are also items that you cannot order from your catalog, even though you have had these items before. Here is a full list of AC:CF un-orderables.

Complete List of AC:CF Un-Orderables
Pave Series Harvest Series Snowman Series Egg Series
Jingle Series Sweets Series Mushroom Series Spooky Series
Princess Series Gorgeous Series Gracie Mario Items
Gullver's Items ABD Bamboo Grass Banana
Birthday Cake Blue Falcon Box of Tissue Brown Pot
Bug Trophy Bureom Cool Globe Dango
Espresso Maker Gold Trophy Hibiscus House Model
Jack-in the Box Kart Leaf Lovely Phone
Metroid Moth Orchid Museum Model Music Box
Nook n' Go Nookington's Nook's Cranny Nookway
Picnic Basket Piggy Bank Pikmin Portrait
Resetti Model Rice Cake Sailboat Model Silver Trophy
Snow Globe Snowman Stuffed Stocking Throne
Town Hall Model Triple Shells Two-Story Model Veggie Basket
Wheat Bundle White Pot Wide House Model Yoshi's Eggs
Yut . . .
Snowman Wall Snowman Carpet Forest Wall Forest Floor
Pave Wall Pave Floor Egg Wall Egg Floor
Spooky Wall Spooky Carpet Harvest Wall Harvest Rug
Jingle Wall Jingle Carpet Princess Wall Princess Carpet
Gracie Wallpaper Gracie Carpet Sweets Wall Sweets Floor
Gorgeous Wall Gorgeous Floor Western Vista Western Desert
Lunar Horizon Lunar Surface Blue Tarp Closed Road
Ringside Seating Boxing Ring Mat Sea View Ship Deck
Classroom Wall Classroom Floor Bathhouse Wall Bath Tile
Mushroom Mural Block Floor Backgammon Wall Chessboard Rug
Shoji Screen Tatami Garden Wall Mossy Carpet
Mortar Wall Sand Garden Basement Wall Basement Floor
Music Room Wall Music Room Floor Office Wall Office Flooring
Ancient Wall Ancient Tile Industrial Wall Concrete Floor
Meadow Vista Daisy Meadow Tropical Vista Tropical Floor
Desert Vista Saharah's Desert Tree-Lined Wall Sidewalk
Old Wallpaper Old Flooring . .
Petal Parasol Elegant Umbrella Modern Umbrella Gracie Umbrella
Peach's Parasol . . .
Hats and accessories
Gracie Hat Elegant Hat Wario Hat Witch's Hat
Royal Crown Crown Tiara Hair Bridal Veil
Headband Hero's Cap Retro Helmet Red Ogre Mask
Blue Ogre Mask Majora's Mask Samus Mask Midna's Mask
Toad Hat Pumpkin Head Tortoise Specs Gracie Glasses
Heart Shades Star Shades Masquerade Mask Bad Bro Stache
Weathered Paper Formal Paper Snowman Paper Nook Paper
Invite Card Tortimer Paper Academy Paper Halloween Paper
Lantern Paper Auction Paper . .
Bathrobe Blue Argyle Top Butterfly Shirt Cake Shirt
Caterpillar Tee Cool Shirt Coral Shirt Cow Shirt
Cyan Argyle Top Flan Shirt Giraffe Shirt Gracie's Top
Groovy Shirt Hero's Clothes Hot Dog Shirt Ladybug Shirt
Maid Dress Moldy Shirt New Year's Shirt 2000-2035 Orange Pinstripe
Patched Shirt Pink Argyle Top Pleather Vest Pulse Shirt
Red Argyle Top Sandwich Shirt Shirt Circuit Tiger Shirt
Trenchcoat Tuxedo Varia Suit Witch Shirt
Zebra Shirt Work Uniform . .