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AC:CF Special Characters Guide
Besides your villagers that roam in your town and in the City, there are a number of different characters throughout the game!

Blanca- Randomly Monday - Sunday in your town
Blanca is a cat with no face, who relies on you to draw it back on for him. She only appears if you have WiiConnect24 turned on. You do not receive any special gifts for having Blanca and drawing her face on, but she will not leave, thereby keeping out any other special visitors, until you draw her a new face. If you do, she will travel to another village the next day.

Chip- 2nd/3rd Saturday of eight months (excluding June through September)
Chip is a beaver who hosts the fishing tourney in town. Participation in a tourney requires players to hand Chip a fish, which he then measures. The player or villager that hands him the longest fish during the tourney is the winner. Each of the tourneys has its own trophy which is mailed to the winner and arrives the morning of the day after the tourney.

Don Resetti- 5th Reset; Randomly at Roost
Don is the brother of Resetti, both of them working at the Reset Investigation Bureau.

Dr. Shrunk- Monday - Sunday, 10 AM - 9 PM
Reappearing from AC:WW, Dr. Shrunk is an actor who teaches you emotions at the Marquee in the City. He performs each emotion as a "show", costing 800 bells per show. Each week 4 new emotions are available for you to learn. Here is a list of emotions you can learn from him.

Franklin- Randomly somewhere in town during the Harvest Festival
Franklin is a turkey. Talk to Tortimer first, and he'll teach you a bit of history, and give you a knife and fork. Then hunt down Franklin in your town, and trade the knife and fork for a piece of furniture from the Harvest Series. If you are having trouble locating Franklin, you may give your knife and fork to a villager. They will tell you a 'suspicious character' was seen near a house or landmark.

Frillard- Randomly Monday - Sunday, 10 AM - 9 PM
Frillard is a lizard who takes the place of Dr Shrunk occasionally, to do performances at the Marquee in the City. He can teach emotions which Dr Shrunk can't, as shown here.

Gracie- Randomly at GracieGrace Store
Gracie is a giraffe who owns the GracieGrace store in the City. Occasionally, she'll pop into the shop and give you a helpful fashion tip. If you talk to her while wearing a coordinated outfit, she will give you a 10% discount for that store visit. Fun Fact: In the original Japanese version, Gracie was male. The gender was changed to female when the game was introduced to other countries.

Gulliver- Monday - Thursday; at the top of either the 2nd/3rd row of acres; has been known to enter town when the minutes on the clock end in 2 or 7; only flies through a town within first 10 minutes of hour; takes about 25-30 seconds to leave
Gulliver is a seagull as a UFO flying across the sky horizontally (eastwards or westwards). The UFO can be shot using a slingshot and can make more than one pass over a town on a day it is scheduled to appear. If the UFO is shot, a single spaceship part (resembles a gear) can be found right after shooting the UFO, and the next day a crashed UFO will appear at a random location on the beach with Gulliver next to it. Gulliver needs to be spoken to multiple times before waking up, at which point he will request that the player find the spaceship part. If this is done, Gulliver will hand the player one of the following items at random: Arc de Triomphe, Chocolate, compass, Manneken Pis, Matryoshka, merlion, mermaid statue, Metroid, moai statue, Mouth of Truth, pagoda, plate armor, Tower of Pisa and tribal mask. Note: These items are not purchasable through Nook's catalog.

Harriet- Monday - Sunday, 8 AM - 9 PM
Shampoodle, the salon in the city run by Harriet will give you a new hair do! You can get a haircut or try the new feature in city folk, the Mii Makeover which allows you to have you character look like you Mii! The first Mii Makeover is free of charge but the next time it costs 3,000 bells. The Haircut also costs 3,000 bells. You can also take on and off your Mii Mask in your Designs Option. You can only get 1 haircut or Mii Makeover a day. You cannot get both the same day.

Jack- Halloween (October 31st)
Jack is a seemingly regular villager who wears a pumpkin head. Give him candy, and you'll get a piece of furniture from the Spooky Series.

Jingle- 8 PM - 12 AM, Christmas Eve (December 24th)
Jingle is a reindeer wearing a Santa outfit, who usually only gives out one present/character, but players can trick him by changing their accessory in order to reveive more. Changes that work include hats, glasses, masks, flowers, the Mii mask, the character's hairstyle, umbrellas, and designs (used on either a hat or an umbrella). Wear a hat with several different glasses works. Changing shirts does not have any effect.

Joan- Every Sunday from 6 AM - Noon
Every Sunday Joan visits your town to sell turnips. She offers both White and Red turnips that you can sell at Nook's store for a nice profit if you play your cards right. White turnips come in bunches of 10, 50, or 100. White turnips can be sold on any day except Sundays. The Stalk Market prices vary from day to day (with both AM and PM pricing). Monitor prices each day by talking to Tom Nook. Sell your White turnips for as high a price a possible to maximize your profits. However, don't get too greedy or else you may have to sell them at a loss. White turnips rot after a week and are then useless so be sure to sell them before the following Sunday to regain some of your invested bells. Red turnips are sold in seed packets. You can buy one packet per week from Joan. If you plant one and water it everyday for a week you can then sell it for a max of 16,000 bells at Nook's store. Once the red turnip is dug up it can't be replanted. However, red turnips do not spoil so you can store them for long periods of time.

Katrina- Monday - Sunday, 10 AM - 12 AM
Want to know your fortune? Or The way to give peace in your Town? Head on Over to Katrina's Fortune Service and talk to Katrina to get your fortune or how to find peace in your town for just 100 bells! Your fortune will change every week while the peace in your town method will be changed every month.

Kapp'n- Bus ride for new character/to City; Randomly at Roost
Kapp'n drives the bus to and from the city in AC:CF. He also makes rare appearances down in the Roost at random times during the week, where you're able to talk to him a bit.

Kicks- 9am - 9pm (Fair Weathered Days)
Every wanted to change the color of your character's shoes? Well now you can with the skunk named Kicks. You can tell him to either "Match My Style" or "Go By Color". They Cost 500 bells which is not such a bad price. Sadly, You can only get one per day and if it just needed a re-shine and did not change color, it's a bell-less shoeshine!

Lloyd- Monday - Sunday, 10 AM - 9 PM
Lloyd is a gyroid who runs the Auction House in the City. He has a personal storage area for you, which is what you store in your dressers at your house. Got something around the house that you don't need anymore? Bring it to the Auction House to set it up for a bid on the assigned date. Display and Bid's Happen Every 2 weeks. One week there is a display or a bid. Only items from people you have on your friend code list will appear.

Lyle- Monday - Sunday, 10 AM - 9 PM
Lyle, who gave you "insurance" in AC:WW, is back in AC:CF! And this time, he handles and works at the HRA! A full HRA guide can be found here.

Nat- In Town at Bug Off Contest.
Nat is the chameleon who runs the bug-catching contest. If you win the contest, you get a trophy, or if you break the previous record for the day, he will give you a normal furniture item that is not in Nook's Spotlight or in Redd shop.

Pascal- Randomly Monday - Friday, 6 AM - 12 AM
Pascal is an otter who always appears on a bridge. Talk to him and he will dispense some rather philosophic advice before jumping into the river and floating away. Once he floats away, any other players living in town will NOT be able to get an item from him. If you have a scallop in your inventory, he will ask for it. Give it to him and he will give you a piece of the exclusive Pirate Ship Theme. Make sure that you have a regular scallop because he will not ask for white scallops. Warning: Do not talk to Pascal unless you have a scallop in your inventory and want a piece of the exclusive Pirate Ship Theme. He will swim off if you decline his advice and you will not get any furniture.

Pavé- Seven weeks before Easter Monday each year
Pavé is a peacock that shows up during Festivale, which occurs the same time as Carnival in Rio de Janiero. Give candy obtained from the villagers to Pavé in exchange for some exclusive furniture from the Pavé Series.

Phineas- Randomly in the City on days when it's not raining/snowing
Phineas is the otter who has a music box next to him with balloons tied to it, and a random color bunny balloon in his hand. He talks to you like a young child but in a nice way. He gives out random colored balloons, bunny balloons, and pinwheels along with bubble wands each day he appears, for free. He only gives out one item per person per day. Note: Phineas DOES NOT appear in the city if you time travel. The earliest he will appear, after time travelling, is a week after the day you time travelled!

Redd- Monday - Sunday, 10 AM - 9 PM, City
Redd is a fox who runs a shop in the City. He occasionally sells items which aren't available anywhere else, but also sells normal ones for higher prices. He sells paintings; but be careful, these can sometimes be fake. He restocks his store once a week, every Wednesday, with one painting and two other furniture items. The first player of a town can receive an invitation to Redd's shop from a villager. To become a member you need to pay 3,000 Bells when holding an invitation letter. Once a member, you will be given an invitation to send to others each time you make a purchase. These invitations must be mailed to other players to be used ( don't attach the invitation to letter; use as stationary ). Redd will pay 1,000 Bells if someone you refer to his store joins, but it must be a real person, not a villager.

Resetti- Random Nights, in the City, 8pm
Resetti is the character who complains every time you turn off or reset the console without saving. Resetti pops up out of the ground as you walk out of your house if you exited the game without saving complaining and threatening you in order to stop you from resetting the game again. Also, if you get an ERROR and have to turn the Wii console/game off, he will come. He will get angrier and angrier each time he comes to your house. After about 7 or so resets, Resetti will then ask you to type something in and won't leave until you type it in corectly. According to Don, Resetti's first name is Sonny. For the first time in a western Animal Crossing game, you can visit him in AC: City. Resetti's Surveillance Center is a place where Resetti hangs out and watches to make sure you don't turn the power off or reset the Wii Without Saving! He will be on the far right of the city and if the center is open, you will see a cone knocked over with light shining through. He will give you a silver shovel just to get you out!

Saharah- Randomly Monday-Friday; 6 AM - 12 AM
Saharah is a camel who asks you to bring her old rugs or wallpaper from the animals in your village. Based on what you bring her, there are three outcomes: 1) If you bring her three or more old rugs/wallpapers from your townspeople, you'll receive a rare rug/wallpaper. Note: She will take ALL your rugs/wallpaper and give you only one Sahara rug/wallpaper in exchange, 2) If you bring her less than three items, she will simply give you a common rug/wallpaper and 3) Sometimes, the villagers won't give you enough items to get a rare piece. You can store these in your home in anticipation of Saharah's next visit. The following is a list of Saharah's wallpapers and carpets: Western Vista, Western Desert, Lunar Horizon, Lunar Surface, Blue Tarp, Closed Road, Ringside Seating, Boxing Ring Mat, Classroom Wall, Classroom Floor, Bathhouse Wall, Bath Tile, Backgammon Wall, Chessboard Rug, Shoji Screen, Tatami Floor, Garden Wall, Mossy Carpet, Mortar Wall, Sand Garden, Basement Wall, Basement Floor, Music-Room Wall, Music-Room Floor, Office Wall, Office Flooring, Ancient Wall, Ancient Tile, Industrial Wall, Concrete Floor, Meadow Vista, Daisy Meadow, Tropical Vista, Tropical Floor, Desert Vista, Saharah's Desert, Tree-Lined Wall and Sidewalk.

Serena- Throw Axe into your Town Fountain once/day
Serena is a goddess who appears out of your town fountain, at which point she will either say a few words and leave (either not returning the axe or giving the axe back), or start asking the player a series of questions.

Wendell- Wendel is a walrus who roams town to town selling wallpaper. He tends to get very hungry. If you give him a fish (although beware that not all fish he will eat), mushroom, fruit, or candy he'll give you free wallpaper/patterns as a reward. For more information on Wendel Patterns, check out this thread. Whenever Nintendo releases a DLC pattern Wendel will appear outside of your house when you first start your game. In order to accept the pattern you will have to give up one of your stored patterns. He will only appear and offer DLC patterns if you have Wii24Connect settings turned on.

Wisp- Randomly Monday - Sunday, 8 PM - 12 AM
Wisp is a special character whose species can only be described as "ghost". He is located at a random part of town and cannot be seen; if the player approaches Wisp's location he will greet them and ask them to come closer. As they approach, wisp will appear, asking the player to find an item called "empty lamp" somewhere in their town.

Zipper T. Bunny- Bunny Day (Easter)
Zipper T. Bunny has hidden a number (30) of special eggs around town. The hidden spots are marked with a star like the fossils and gyroids, which can be dug up. The eggs contain candy or bunny foil. If bunny foil is inside an egg, you can trade this with Zipper for a random piece of the Egg Series. Unlike Festivale, you won't get more than one per item in the set of the series once you find all the eggs.