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AC:WW and AC:CF Snowman Guide
Beginning in the middle of December through the middle of February when there is snow on the ground two tiny snowballs will appear in your town everyday. You're able to roll these snowballs which will result in them getting bigger and bigger. You can combine these two snowballs to make a snowman. Making snowmen is your only a chance at getting the rare snowman furniture series. However, the snowman needs to be perfect or else he wont send you the gift in the mail the next day.

The key is size.

Make the first snowball as BIG as it can get, and once done, find a good spot to put it, this will be where your future snowman will be. (NOTE: Rolling on grass (snow) makes it larger, rolling on dirt or cement will slowly shrink it.)

For the head, its a little more tricky. Make the snowball slightly smaller than the base, about up to the top of your characters eye. Like so,

Now, roll the head onto the body, and voila! If you've created a perfect snowman, he'll say so and in the mail the next day you'll receive one of the following items:

  • Snowman wall
  • Snowman carpet
  • Snowman bed
  • Snowman dresser
  • Snowman wardrobe
  • Snowman chair
  • Snowman sofa
  • Snowman table
  • Snowman fridge
  • Snowman TV
  • Snowman clock
  • Snowman lamp
  • Snowman
If not, try again tomorrow until you get it.

Good luck!