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AC:CF Hybrid Guide
Want to make your town pretty with flowers, or simply want to show off that cool new hybrid to your friends? Then you've come to the right place! 

Regular Flowers: Just like in real life, flowers must be watered at least once a day. Flowers not watered will wilt the next day, and die if not watered soon. As for weather, rain and snow will automatically water all flowers in town. Note: If you attempt to pick up a wilted flower, it will be destroyed. As well, flowers can also be placed inside your house. Unlike real life, however, they will never wilt or require watering. But be careful! Flowers can be killed if you run over them. Happily, flowers can be also be worn; tulips, Cosmos, Pansies, Jacob's Ladders and Carnations can be worn in your hair, while roses are carried in your mouth.

Hybrids: Hybrids are cross-breeds of two flowers that are of the same type (ex. Tulips, Roses, etc), and follow all the rules of regular flowers. Hybrids aren't that important, unless you like discovering a new type of flower. But some people may be willing to give you quite a lot of bells for one of these rare flowers. Even some bugs are attracted to a certain type of hybrid, so bug collectors might want to put some time into this. As well, they play a big part in creating a Perfect Town.


Rafflesia, as shown above, appear when the town started getting weeds, trees in "bad" places, and flowers wilting or completely gone (all which occurs during time traveling as well). You can't dig it up, so the only way to get rid of this annoying plant is to deweed your town. Note: It will only disappear when ALL weeds are gone. Miss one and it won't disappear. Flies can be caught by this too(right over the plant).

To Grow a Hybrid:
First, buy two similar types of flowers (Cosmos, Roses, Tulips, Pansies) from Nook's or a friend. Then, plant them next to each other or diagonally, no spaces separating them. The hybrid will pop up somewhere in the space surrounding the two flowers. A better chance of attaining a hybrid would be to plant a garden of the flowers, since there is a small chance of getting a hybrid in the first place. Next, wait. It may be frustratingly long when it comes to waiting for hybrids, but they're worth the wait. Feel free watering the flowers if you suspect this will create a hybrid faster, although you may want to keep your primary flowers alive in the first place.

When looking for a place to plant flowers, try big open spaces, not covered by trees, houses or signposts (these signposts are where villagers might move in, destroying the flower). Note: This includes the space directly in front of the door.

Different kinds of Hybrids
Hybriding in AC:CF is EXACTLY like hybriding in AC:WW. The AC:WW Hybrid guide is located here. There are only two differences: Gold Roses and Carnations.

Carnations are received on two different holidays throughout the year, not by Nook's, which means you can only get one of each kind once a year (without time traveling for them). They come in red, white, and pink.

On Mother's Day, your mother will send you a bag of pink carnations (sells for 500 Bells at Nooks).

On Father's Day, your dad will send you a bag of red carnations (sells for 500 Bells at Nooks).

White carnations (sells for 2000 Bells at Nooks) are only obtained by cross-breeding pink and red carnations.

+ = or

Gold Roses
Gold roses are made from watering wilted black roses with golden watering can. In AC:WW, gold roses did not breed. However, in this game, they do breed.
gold + gold = yellow roses
gold + yellow roses = pink roses and red roses
gold + pink roses = orange roses
gold + purple roses = white roses and red roses
gold + blue roses = red roses
gold + red roses = pink roses

Helpful Hint: If you plant a Jacob's Ladder next to any two flowers that you try to hybrid, you will have a greater chance of getting a hybrid than if the Jacob's Ladder wasn't there.