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How to use the DS Suitcase
When you go to Copper at the Gate, you have the option to visit another person's town via Wifi or via the DS Suitcase. The DS Suitcase allows you to visit another player's town in AC:CF without using WiFi, and move your AC:WW game over to AC:CF.

How to: Visit a Town
  1. Talk to Copper at the Town Gate
  2. Select "I wanna go out!"
  3. Select "DS Suitcase"
  4. On your DS, select "DS Download Play" and download the DS Suitcase.
  5. When finished downloading, close your DS with the power still on so that it enters sleep mode, and head to a friend's house
  6. On AC:CF, select "DS Suitcase" on Rover's menu.
  7. Open your DS and select "Connect to the Wii" to transfer data
When returning...
  1. Make sure both the DS and Wii are on
  2. Talk to Copper at Town Gate and say you want to return
  3. Your data will be transferred back to AC:CF
  4. When this is done, turn off the DS
Note: When you've finished at the other town, make sure to return back correctly, else you'll lose your items, bells and letters you had before leaving.

How to: Transfer a Character
  1. Start a new game
  2. Select "Move from DS!"
  3. Turn on your DS with AC:WW and select "DS Download Play"
  4. Select the Moving Van panel
  5. AC:CF will tell you to register your character
Note: Only your characters face, name and some catalog items will be transferred. Money, items in your pockets and accessories WILL NOT be transferred. Also, when transferring from AC:WW, you also keep your hair style along with your selections.

  • Transferring your character does not remove the character or any items from AC:WW.
  • You can transfer up to 4 characters into AC:CF from any AC:WW game.
  • Gracie's Model Car, Four-leaf Paper, and Birthday Card (Paper) are ONLY available in AC:CF if transferred from AC:WW.
  • Usually one/two villagers will transfer over and appear in your town at the start; you'll need to rebuild the relationship.
  • If you have a US copy of AC:WW, you are unable to transfer the character to a PAL (Europe) AC:CF game.