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How to Upload Screenshots
With the introduction to AC:CF comes the ability to easily take pictures in the game and upload them to a computer, making the picture, picture-perfect (no pun intended)!

Items Needed:
SD Card

SD Card Reader


In the game, at any time (even while a character is talking), you are able to take a picture (the exception to this is you can't take a picture while on the picture tab). Press 1 on the WiiMote to take a picture. You can carry one picture at a time, and if you're not saving to an SD Card, it will be overwritten when you take a new photo. Also, if you choose "Wii Message Board" in the post office in town hall, you can attach a photo to a message when you send it.

Photos that you take are stored on the SD Card. To save a photo, choose SD Card Card and then "Save Photo". Choose "Erase All" to erase all saved photos.

Note: Any photos not saved to an SD Card are lost when the game ends.

1) After you have a screenshot saved to your SD card, take the SD Card out of the Wii.
2) Go to you computer and place it in the SD Card Reader (shown above), and plug the SD Card Reader into your computer.
3) Go to "My Computer", and under "Devices with Removable Storage", click on the one that opens up to the SD Card. There should be a folder called "DCIM"; open that folder. Your screen shots will be there.
For Mac users, once you plug the SD card into a SD reader, the removable drive icon will appear on your desktop. Open this drive, and search for the folder called "DCIM".
4) Transfer them over to your computer (by cutting/pasting into a folder or even just onto your desktop; your choice).
5) Once transferred to your PC/Mac open up your web browser. Go to any site that uploads pictures (like photobucket/tinypics), and upload them as the site does it (varies site to site).
6)To link it into a post, all you would have to do is:

[link=www.animalcrossingcommunity.com]ACC[/link] will make ACC

Simply replace the link with the link to the picture! But remember, only admins can post the HTML image link tag to make the image appear directly into the post.

And it should be on the internet!

Helpful Tips
If you have a Micro Card + Micro Card Adapter, and a bluetooth adapter and Phone, you can save your pictures on the Micro and then insert it in your Phone.
Then you can Bluetooth them to your PC.
Submitted by Raffprta

If you don't have a SD card reader you can also put the SD card into your camera and transfer the pictures that way.