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Animal Crossing: City Folk Guides
Bell Making Guide
Some quick and easy ways to make a few bells are listed in this guide.

Bug Guide
Grab your net and go bug hunting! This guide will show you all the bugs along with the times that they are available to catch.

Constellation Guide
Ever wonder what happens up in that night sky in Animal Crossing? This guide will tell you everything that you need to know.

Emotions Guide
Do you feel your character is a bit emotion-less? Take a trip to the Theatre and use this guide to get the emotion that best suits your mood.

Event Calendar
Check out the calendar to see what special happenings and events will be going on in your AC town throughout the year.

Face Guide
Just moving in to town? Come and get the right face for your character.

Feng Shui Guide
The art of Feng Shui is explained here.

Fish Guide
Grab your Fishing Rod and go fishing. This guide will show you all the fish along with the times and seasons that they are available to catch.

Fossil Guide
This handy guide lists all the fossils that you can get in City Folk.

Getting a Tan
It's summer, and everyone loves the sun. Find out about tanning here.

Golden/Silver Tools Guide
Fed up or not getting the most from your tools? This guide will tell you how to upgrade your tools, and get better tools.

Gyroid Guide
Want to make your house a little more interesting? Collecting gyroids can be fun, but there are tons of them! Find out about them here.

Hairstyle Guide
Want a new Hair-do? Go to Shampoodles and use this guide to get the perfect hair for your character.

House Expansions
Need a bigger house? Come here to see what is on offer.

HRA Guide
Want a nice looking house that we be the envy of the town? Use this HRA guide to get the most from your house.

Hybrid Guide
Be the envy of others with hybrid flowers in your town. This guide tells you all about them.

Items List
Use this handy-dandy tool to search/sort items in various categories such as furniture series, furniture themes, fossils etc.

K.K. Song Guide
Want to see K.K. Slider play, but don't know what to listen to? Use this guide to pick the exact song that you want to listen to. All songs are listed here.

Perfect Town Guide
Would you like the best town in AC? Come here to find out how to achieve a perfect town.

Reactions Guide
Want to learn more about a few of your often boring town characters? Come here to find out how.

Redd's Exclusives Guide
We all know he is CRAAAAZY... Use this guide to make sure that you are not getting something that you could find cheaper.

Shoe Shine Guide
Tired of the same olí shoes? Come here to find out how to make your shoes all new and spiffy looking.

Snowman Guide
It's winter and everyone likes a snowman. Come here to find out how to build them.

Special Character Guide
Your town is not limited to those that live there. Many special characters either visit or are a part of your town too. This guide lists them all for you.

Tom Nook Store Guide
Tom Nook and his stores. Come here to find out all about them.

Town Charms Guide
Ever been to Katrina and wondered what she is going on about? This guide will tell you all about the Town Charms that visitors can do in your town.

Town Fountain Guide
Want that extra special axe? Come here to find the best way to get one.

Town Fund Guide
Want your town to grow? Come here to find out how to get more stuff in your town.

Tree Guide
Do you like growing trees? Come here to find out all about trees.

Uploading Screenshots
A simple guide on how to get the screenshots from your game to the web to show off to your friends.

Using the DS Suitcase
A guide on how to use the DS Suitcase mode to travel to other towns or transfer your AC: WW character.

Villager Guide
A comprehensive chart of all the villagers that are available in City Folk.

Wendell Guide
In AC:CF, you can find a walrus wandering your town. If you feed him, he'll give you a pattern. This guide will give you a key on what to give Wendell to achieve whichever pattern you desire.