14,990 bells
AC:CF Fish Guide
Grab your fishing pole, and head to the nearest river/ocean! It's time to do some fishin'! 

Keep in mind that in AC:CF:

- Morning is from 4 AM to 9 AM
- Day is from 9 AM to 4 PM
- Evening is from 4 PM to 9 PM
- Night is from 9 PM to 4 AM

"All Day" means that the fish is available 24/7 during those seasons.

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Alphabetical Listing
Angelfish Arapaima Arowana Barbel Steed Barred Knifejaw Bitterling
Black Bass Bluegill Blue Marlin Butterfly Fish Carp Catfish
Char Cherry Salmon Clownfish Coelcanth Crawfish Crucian Carp
Dace Dab Dorado Eel Football Fish Freshwater Goby
Frog Gar Giant Snakehead Goldfish Guppy Hammerhead Shark
Horse Mackerel Jellyfish Killifish King Salmon Koi Loach
Lobster Moray Eel Napoleonfish Neon Tetra Ocean Sunfish Octopus
Olive Flounder Pale Chub Pike Piranha Pond Smelt Popeyed Goldfish
Puffer Fish Rainbow Trout Ray Red Snapper Salmon Sea Bass
Sea Butterfly Sea Horse Shark Squid Stringfish Sweetfish
Tuna Yellow Perch Zebra Turkeyfish

Species Picture Season(s) Time(s) of day Where? Price (bells)
Bitterling Nov-Feb All Day River 900
Pale Chub Year Round Day River 200
Crucian Carp Year Round All Day River 120
Dace Year Round Morning/Evening/Night River 200
Barbel Steed Year Round All Day River 200
Carp Year Round All Day River 300
Koi Year Round Morning/Evening/Night River 4,000
Goldfish Year Round All Day River 1,300
Popeyed Goldfish Year Round Day River 1,300
Killifish Apr-Aug All Day Holding Pond 300
Crawfish Apr-Sept 15 All Day Holding Pond 250
Frog May-Aug All Day Holding Pond 120
Freshwater Goby Year Round Morning/Evening/Night River 300
Loach Mar-May All Day River 300
Catfish May-Oct Morning/Evening/Night Lake 800
Eel Jun-Sept 15 Morning/Evening/Night River 2,000
Giant Snakehead
Jun-Aug Day Lake 5,500
Bluegill Year Round Day River 120
Yellow Perch Oct-Mar All Day River 240
Black Bass Year Round All Day River 300
Pike Sept-Dec Morning/Day/Evening River 1,800
Pond Smelt Dec-Feb All Day River 300
Sweetfish July-Sept 15 All Day River 900
Cherry Salmon Mar-Jun; Sept-Nov Morning/Evening; Morning/Day/Evening River 1,000
Char Mar-Jun; Sept-Nov Morning/Evening; Morning/Day/Evening Waterfall 3,800
Rainbow Trout Mar-Jun.; Sept-Nov. Morning/Evening; Morning/Day/Evening River 800
Stringfish Dec-Feb Morning/Evening/Night River 15,000
Salmon Sept All Day River/River Mouth 700
King Salmon Sept All Day River/River Mouth 1,800
Guppy Apr-Nov Day River 1,300
Angelfish May-Oct Morning/Evening/Night River 3,000
Neon Tetra Apr-Nov Day River 500
Pirahna Jun-Sept 15 Day/Night River 2,500
Arowana Jun-Sept 15 Morning/Evening/Night River 10,000
Dorado Jun-Sept Morning/Day/Evening River 15,000
Gar Jun-Sept Morning/Evening/Night Lake 6,000
Arapaima July-Sept Morning/Evening/Night River 10,000
Sea Butterfly Dec-Feb All Day Ocean 1,000
Jellyfish Aug 16-31 All Day Ocean 100
Sea Horse Apr-Nov All Day Ocean 1,100
Clownfish Apr-Sept All Day Ocean 650
Surgeonfish Apr-Sept All Day Ocean 1,000
Butterfly Fish Apr-Sept All Day Ocean 1,000
Napoleonfish July-Aug. Morning/Day/Evening Ocean 10,000
Zebra Turkeyfish Apr-Nov All Day Ocean 400
Puffer Fish July-Sept All Day Ocean 240
Horse Mackerel Year Round All Day Ocean 150
Barred Knifejaw Mar-Nov All Day Ocean 5,000
Sea Bass Year Round All Day Ocean 200
Red Snapper Year Round All Day Ocean 3,000
Dab Oct-Apr All Day Ocean 300
Olive Flounder Year Round All Day Ocean 800
Squid Dec-Aug 15 All Day Ocean 400
Octopus Mar-July; Sept. 16-Jan All Day Ocean 500
Lobster Nov.-Feb. All Day Ocean 2,500
Moray Eel Aug.-Oct. All Day Ocean 2,000
Football Fish Nov-Mar Morning/Evening/Night Ocean 2,500
Tuna Nov-Mar All Day Ocean 7,000
Blue Marlin July-Sept All Day Ocean 10,000
Aug-Nov Morning/Day/Evening Ocean 3,000
Ocean Sunfish June-Sept Morning/Day/Evening Ocean 4,000
Hammerhead Shark June-Sept Morning/Evening/Night Ocean 8,000
Shark June-Sept Morning/Evening/Night Ocean 15,000
Coelacanth Year Round Morning/Evening/Night Ocean (precipitation) 15,000