14,990 bells
AC:CF Bug Guide
Grab your net and head off into the fields! Time to catch some bugs! Semicolons (;) separate each season and times are denoted with semicolons respectively to the seasons.

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Alphabetical Listing
Agrias Butterfly Ant Atlas Beetle Bagworm Banded Dragonfly Bee
Bell Cricket Birdwing Brown Cicada Centipede Common Butterfly Cricket
Cyclomattus Darner Dragonfly Diving Beetle Dung Beetle Elephant Beetle Emperor
Evening Cicada Firefly Flea Fly Fruit Beetle Giant Beetle
Golden Stag Goliath Beetle Grasshopper Hercules Beetle Honeybee Jewel Beetle
Ladybug Lantern Fly Long Locust Longhorn Beetle Mantis Migratory Locust
Miyama Stag Mole Cricket Monarch Mosquito Moth Oak Silk Moth
Orchid Mantis Peacock Petaltail Pill Bug Pondskater Rainbow Stag
Raja Brooke Red Dragonfly Robust Cicada Saw Stag Beetle Scarab Beetle Scorpion
Snail Spider Tarantula Tiger Butterfly Violin Beetle Walker Cicada
Walking Leaf Walkingstick Yellow Butterfly

Name Picture Season(s) Time(s) of Day Where Price in bells
Common Butterfly March-June; September 4AM - 7PM; 8AM - 4PM Flowers 90
Yellow Butterfly March-June; September 4AM - 7PM; 8AM - 4PM Flowers 90
Tiger Butterfly March-June; July-August; September 4AM - 7PM; 8AM - 5PM; 8AM - 4PM Red and Pink Flowers 160
Peacock March-June; July; August; September 4AM - 7PM; 4AM - 5PM; 8AM - 5PM; 8AM - 4PM Blue, Violet, and Black Flowers 220
Monarch September-October; November 4AM - 5PM; 8AM - 5PM Flowers 140
Emperor June-September 7PM - 8AM Flowers 2,500
Agrias Butterfly June-September 8AM - 5PM Flowers 3,000
Raja Brooke June; July-September 8AM - 7PM; 8AM - 5PM Flowers 2,500
Birdwing June-September 8AM - 4PM Flowers 3,000
Moth May-September 7PM - 4AM Outdoor Lights (near gate) 60
Oak Silk Moth June-September 7PM - 4AM Trees 1,200
Honeybee March-June 8AM - 5PM Flowers 100
Bee All Year All Day Trees 2,500
Long Locust July-November 8AM - 7PM Grass 200
Migratory Locust July-November 8AM - 7PM Grass 600
July-November 8AM - 5PM Flowers 430
Orchid Mantis August-November 8AM - 5PM Flowers 2,400
Brown Cicada July-August 8AM - 5PM Trees 200
Robust Cicada July-August 8AM - 5PM Trees 300
Walker Cicada July-September 8AM - 5PM Trees 400
Evening Cicada July-August 4AM - 8AM; 4PM - 7PM Trees 550
Lantern Fly June; July-August; September 11PM - 8AM, 4PM - 7PM; 4PM - 8AM; 11PM - 8AM, 4PM - 7PM Trees 1,800
Red Dragonfly September-October 8AM - 7PM Airborne 80
Darner Dragonfly June-August 8AM - 5PM Airborne 200
Banded Dragonfly July-August 8AM - 5PM Airborne 4,500
Giant Petaltail August-October 4PM - 7PM Airborne 8,000
Ant All Year All Day Dropped Candy 80
Pondskater May; June-September 8AM - 5PM; 8AM - 7PM Ponds 130
Diving Beetle May-September 8AM - 5PM Ponds 800
Snail April-September All Day Flowers (Rain) 250
Cricket September-November 5PM - 8AM Grass 130
Bell Cricket September-October 5PM - 8AM Grass 430
Grasshopper July; August-September 4PM - 5PM; 8AM - 5PM Grass 160
Mole Cricket November-May All Day Underground 280
Walking Leaf July-August; September 8AM - 7PM; 8AM - 5PM Ground 600
Walkingstick July-August; September-November 4AM - 8AM, 5PM - 7PM; 4AM - 7PM Trees 600
Bagworm October; November-February 5PM - 8AM; All Day Trees 300
Ladybug March-June; October 8AM - 5PM Trees 200
Violin Beetle June; September-October; November 4AM - 7PM; 4AM - 5PM; 8AM - 5PM Tree Stumps 260
Longhorn Beetle June-August 11PM - 7PM Tree Stumps 260
Dung Beetle December-February 5PM - 8AM Snowballs 600
June 7PM - 4AM Fresh Water 300
Fruit Beetle July-August; September All Day; 7PM - 8AM Trees 100
Scarab Beetle July-August 11PM - 8AM Trees 6,000
Jewel Beetle July-August 8AM - 5PM Trees 2,400
Miyama Stag July-August All Day Trees 1,000
Saw Stag Beetle July-August All Day Trees 2,000
Giant Beetle July-August 11PM - 8AM Trees 10,000
Rainbow Stag June-September 7PM - 8AM Trees 10,000
Cyclommatus July-August 7PM - 8AM Trees 8,000
Golden Stag July-August 11PM - 8AM Trees 12,000
Dynastid Beetle July-August 7PM - 8AM Trees 1,350
Atlas Beetle July-August 7PM - 8AM Coconut Palms 8,000
Elephant Beetle July-August 7PM - 8AM Coconut Palms 8,000
Hercules Beetle July-August 11PM - 8AM Coconut Palms 12,000
Goliath Beetle June; July-August; September 7PM - 8AM; 5PM - 8AM; 7PM - 8AM Coconut Palms 6,000
Flea March-November All Day Villagers 70
Pill Bug July-August; September-June 7PM - 4AM; All Day Rocks 250
Mosquito June-September 5PM - 4AM Airborne 130
Fly All Year All Day Rotten Turnips, Garbage, Rafflesia 60
Centipede June-February 4PM - 11PM Rocks 300
Spider March-June; July; August; September; October All Day; 7PM - 8AM; 7PM - 4AM; All Day; 11PM - 4PM Trees 300
Tarantula June-August 7PM - 4AM Ground 8,000
Scorpion July-September 7PM - 4AM Ground 8,000