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 ACC Researchers
ACC Researchers
With the continued popularity of the Animal Crossing franchise and the growing membership of ACC, the former Site Owner, jader201, decided to form two groups designated with the task of brainstorming various ideas for improving the site as well as making these ideas a reality. These two groups, the Researchers and the Developers, are collectively recognized by these combinable icons which reflect their inter-dependant relationship.

ACC Researchers can be identified by the icon which is located to the left of their username.

Although all Staff can put forward new ideas, Researchers are instrumental in the process of keeping ACC updated. Their ability to understand which ideas could greatly improve the site, leads to a constant supply of new threads initiating discussion of possible new features.

The Researcher role also involves keeping up to date with the ideas posted by the Community on various boards and ensuring that these ideas are brought to the attention of all Staff. Although not all ideas are accepted as the features may not be possible or are incompatible with the purpose of the site, they are at least discussed and sometimes influence the outcome of other features that are implemented.

Recruitment Factors
Members who feel they have they have the skills to become part of the Researcher Team initially submit an application form. The ACC Staff consider a number of factors when assessing an application, some of which are listed below. Therefore prior to submitting an application, it's prudent to read and understand both the recruitment factors and the responsibilities for the role.

  • Age -- Applicants should be a minimum of 13 years old but there is no upper age restriction. We aim to have a good balance of younger and older members, with varying degrees of experience.
  • Site Activity -- A person who has been active for a while can more easily assess which new features would be relevant to the Community and which features are in need of updating. Thus applications tend to be considered only from those who have been consistently active on ACC for at least 9 months.
  • Communication -- Researchers need to have good, clear and precise communication with everyone. Applicants should therefore have a history of both expressing their ideas well and responding to others constructively on the public boards.
  • Responsibility -- Adhering to site rules and respecting others will help to show that the applicant can be responsible and is likely to be trustworthy. This is important as Researchers are expected not to divulge any information to the Community which has been read or discussed on Staff boards.
  • Maturity -- Applicants need to remain calm and composed at all times. Although communication is a crucial factor, applicants are also assessed on their responses when faced with critique or opposition to their opinions. Accepting that other people can have different but equally valid points, is seen as a sign of maturity.
  • Creativity -- Applicants should have original and interesting ideas, that fit in with the purpose of the site.
  • Teamwork -- Applicants need to demonstrate the ability to build upon ideas proposed by others, rather than only concern themselves with their own ideas and topics.
  • Knowledge -- Researchers have a sound knowledge of different aspects of ACC and the Animal Crossing games. Therefore applicants are expected to have demonstrated great familiarity in these areas before being considered.
  • Creative Writing -- Although we look for many criteria in potential Researchers, applications from those skilled mainly in creative writing are also welcome. Writers are essential for adding new material and in improving existing static content.
Once recruited into the team, Researchers are expected to fulfill the following duties:
  • Initiate Feature Discussions -- Researchers are required to help provide a constant stream of ideas for potential features and updates. They do this by initiating and then actively participating in discussions and looking for alternatives when the original ideas aren't feasible.
  • Monitor Site Suggestions Board -- The Site Suggestions board is where the Community post suggestions and offer critique about the site. Researchers are required to actively participate in discussions and push good ideas from this board, to the attention of the Developers and other Staff.
  • Monitor Site Support Board -- The Site Support board is where the Community requests help and informs the Staff of site errors. Some of the topics cover technical issues and legitimate concerns that only Developers are able to provide solutions for. However, some solutions require coding and therefore Researchers also monitor this board to ensure that the applicable discussion threads are created for the Developers.
  • Review Existing Content -- Although new features are always a bonus, it's important to review existing content and refresh it, as well as fix bugs and faults. Researchers are required to look at current features and static content to see if updates may be required.
  • Beta-Testing and Providing Feedback -- Once Developers have implemented new features, they and other Staff test out the features before adding them to the site. Researchers are instrumental in beta-testing and providing critical feedback on the changes, in an effort to provide a better transition for the Community.
For being part of Staff, Researchers have the following privileges:
  • A cool icon next to their name!
  • Access to their own board for the purpose of brainstorming.
  • Access to a board for implementing feature discussions.
  • Access to Beta-Test various features.
  • No restrictions on the quantity of posts or threads they can submit.
  • Access to avatars reserved only for Staff.
  • Ability to view how many people have flagged a thread.
  • Access to their own Archived Threads.
Application Process
Whilst the Staff are not always looking to add more Researchers to the team, applications are welcome at any time. However, please understand that these won't be considered until we intend to recruit.

If you feel that you have the skills required and can fulfill the duties expected of a Researcher, please see below for further information on the application process.

  • Submit an application to the Staff by using the Researcher Application form.
  • Applications are initially viewed by all Staff. Since notifications should be discussed only with Modmins, it is essential that you do not mention any that you have. Applications mentioning notifications will be denied or sent to a Modmin board where they will not have the benefit of being assessed by all Staff.
  • In the application, be sure to tell us why you feel your personality and characteristics make you a team player. Provide examples if possible.
  • Submit only one application in a six month period. If you've not had a response, you may reapply six months after your previous application or if we announce that Researcher applications are required.
  • Wait for us to contact you. We will contact you only if your application is successful and if we are in need of additional Researchers.

Current Researchers

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