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 ACC Moderators
ACC Moderators
ACC Moderators are Staff members who generally have significant life experience which enables them to be level-headed and open minded when faced with difficult situations. Their job is to enforce the site rules and policies in a fair and consistent way, as well as to help the Community and provide mediation for disputes.

ACC Moderators can be identified by the icon which is located to the left of their username.

Members may contact a Moderator via private thread if they need help with the Site Rules or if they have concerns they'd like to discuss in private. Moderators may also be contacted for a chat or to discuss ideas, but be advised that the messages may not receive immediate attention. Members wishing to report a rule violation, should send in a user ticket by using the Report A Problem button or red mark located in various places around the site.

Recruitment Factors
Members do not apply for the role but can be nominated by others via the Moderator Nomination form. However, the recruitment factors and responsibilities should be considered before submitting a nomination. Potential candidates are then observed, considered and subsequently chosen by the existing Moderators and Administrators.

Since the role involves having access to sensitive information about users and the site, Moderators are expected to be trustworthy and discreet. Therefore, the decision to extend the offer of a Moderator role to a Member is only made after a rigorous vetting procedure, partly based on the following criteria required to fulfill the role:

  • Age -- Candidates are generally a minimum of 18 years old but there is no upper age restriction. We aim to have a good mixture of ages so that varying points of view are covered in discussion.
  • Site Activity -- Only those that have been consistently active on ACC for at least 12 months are considered for this role.
  • Maturity -- Moderators are level-headed, fair and objective since they are expected to remain calm in sometimes emotionally charged situations. We look for candidates who can handle the pressures of being provoked without having a tendency to retaliate.
  • Responsibility -- Moderators have access to all private threads and can issue notifications for rule violations, but that doesn't mean that they should do so without good cause. We therefore look for candidates who have demonstrated that they can conduct themselves responsibly.
  • Communication -- Moderators need to have good, clear communication with everyone. Good grammar and spelling is also important, as is their willingness to participate frequently in various discussions. Therefore candidates are assessed on how well they express themselves and respond to difficult situations.
  • Trustworthiness -- Moderators conduct themselves in a professional, friendly and helpful manner. Adhering to site rules and respecting others will help to show that the candidate can be responsible and is likely to be trustworthy. Members with excessive notifications are not likely to be considered.
  • Helpfulness -- Moderators not only enforce site rules but also help the Community with issues that require Moderator assistance and guidance. Members who are helpful to others and show a general concern for the well-being of the site are more likely to be considered.
  • Teamwork -- Moderators work as a team, respecting the opinions of all Staff as well as offering their own observations. We therefore look for people who accept constructive criticism and respect that their own opinion is an equal among many.
  • Knowledge -- Moderators have sound knowledge of the Site Rules and also knowledge of different aspects of ACC and the Animal Crossing games. New Moderators are expected to become very familiar with all three and therefore candidates are expected to have demonstrated basic knowledge in these areas before being considered.
Once recruited into the team, Moderators are expected to fulfill the following duties:
  • User Tickets -- Members send in a User Ticket to report a rule violation or when they require Moderator assistance. These UTs are reviewed and a proper course of action is enacted with regard to the reported content, the rule violation, the violation level and the user history.
  • Notifications -- Rule violations result in notifications. Sometimes the recipient will ask for further clarification or will dispute the notification. Moderators review and respond to notifications either individually or as a team.
  • Support Email -- Moderators review and respond to all support emails.
  • Participate in Discussion -- Moderators are expected to actively participate in various discussions. Their life experience is essential in adding dimension to discussions, as is their familiarity with the patterns of behavior exhibited in the Community. Combined, both provide crucial insights that help to shape new rules and features.
  • Monitor Boards -- Moderators regularly patrol boards to help keep the site family-friendly and also to help the Community. Although time constraints don't always make it possible, they are strongly encouraged to post on public boards too.
  • Beta-Testing and Providing Feedback -- Once Developers have completed the coding of potential updates, Moderators are instrumental in testing the features that directly relate to their job. Alongside the rest of the Staff, Moderators also test the universal features, to provide feedback on the changes, thus enabling a smoother transition for the Community.
Since the beginning of Project Reboot, which opened up the site code to a group of Developers, some of the more experienced Moderators have been given additional roles as Liaisons. Each Liaison is a representative of a particular section of ACC. This is to ensure that feature ideas and issues raised by different sectors are equally represented and communicated to the Developers.
  • Scout Liaison -- The Scout Liaison has a two-tiered role. Their primary role is to manage the Scouts and the work that Scouts do. Since Scouts are more involved within the Community and are often the first to be in contact with New Members, they are able to see which features are required by all sectors of the Community. Scout requests for new features or fixes are overseen by the Scout Liaison who is able to provide a Moderator perspective and context for the requested items.
  • Modmin Liaison -- This Liaison links the Moderators and Administrators (collectively known as Modmins) to the Developers. Many Modmin discussions result in a need for changes to the site which only the Developers can implement. The Modmin Liaison operates an information work list, creates applicable threads and ensures that all Modmins are aware of which features are in development or require further discussion.
  • Community Liaison -- The Moderator who is a Liaison for the Community regularly monitors the Site Suggestions and Site Support boards. Although Researchers and Developers also monitor these boards, the Community Liaison ensures that important ideas or problems aren't missed and that the Modmin perspective is added to the discussion. The Community Liaison also maintains information Stickies on both boards and these are crucial to effective communication between the Staff and the Community.
All Liaisons review discussions relevant to their sector before deciding on priority and readiness of items. These lists are then merged in further discussion with the Administrator overseeing Project Reboot and the Lead Developers. Between them all, they prioritize items and produce a final job list that the Developers then work on for each batch of site updates.

For being part of Staff, Moderators have the following privileges:

  • A cool icon next to their name!
  • Access to several of their own boards to enable them to fulfill their duties.
  • Access to Scout, Researcher and Developer boards.
  • A personalized, custom, ACC appropriate avatar.
  • Ability to sticky, delete and move threads.
  • Access to Beta-Test various features.
  • No restrictions on the quantity of posts or threads they can submit.
  • Ability to view how many people have flagged a thread.
  • Access to their own Archived Threads.
Current Moderators

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