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 ACC Site Owner and ACC Administrators
ACC Site Owner
ACC was founded in October 2002 by jader201, shortly after the release of Animal Crossing: GameCube. In 2022. he transferred ownership of ACC to the current Administrators.

The original site layout and graphics of ACC were created by hoggle, who is now inactive.

jader201 developed and regularly updated the site until 2011, when he opened the code up to a team of Developers. The ACC Developers work to maintain and update the site's code. They correct issues, amend existing features and also introduce new items. All of this is done under the guidance and tuition of the Admins and Developer Leads to ensure that ACC stays true to its original vision.

ACC Administrators
ACC Administrators manage the ACC Staff and the site. Administrators have first acquired a significant amount of experience as ACC Staff and therefore already have a good grounding in the ethics and principles of ACC. They are elected to the role by other Staff members, but the current Administrators make the final decision over their appointment.

ACC Administrators can be identified by the icon which is located to the left of their username.

Administrators are the fewest in numbers and have a large role to fulfill. Therefore, if Members wish to contact them regarding site issues, they should do so only in cases of serious problems or emergencies. Members may also contact Adminstrators to discuss ideas or to have a chat, but be advised that the messages may not receive immediate attention.

For a quicker response, Members needing help with Animal Crossing games or ACC should contact a Scout. For queries regarding the Site Rules or if there are concerns that need private discussion, Members should contact a Moderator. Members wishing to report a rule violation should always send in a user ticket by using the Report A Problem button or red mark located in various places around the site.

Administrators perform many of the same duties as Moderators. In addition to those, they have the following responsibilities:

  • Recruitment of Staff -- Administrators manage the recruitment process for new Staff.
  • Staff Training -- New Staff are helped to settle into their role and are trained by their colleagues. This training is overseen and guided by the Administrators. Two of them are involved with this process for new Moderators, whilst the third Administrator manages the Researchers and Developers. The training and management of Staff is essential to ensure that all Staff work consistently, fairly and within the rules of the Site.
  • Site Announcements -- Administrators are responsible for posting site announcements which inform the Community about Animal Crossing, ACC and other important updates or relevant information.
  • Manage Site Updates -- Whether it's overseeing the Development team or initiating discussion of rule updates, Administrators are expected to be proactive in ensuring that the rules, systems, processes and features are kept up to date and are relevant to the Community whilst remaining true to the principles of the site.
For being part of Staff, Administrators have the following privileges:
  • A cool icon next to their name!
  • Access to their own boards to enable them to fulfill their duties.
  • Access to Scout, Researcher, Developer and Moderator boards in order to oversee all Staff.
  • A personalized, custom, ACC appropriate avatar.
  • Ability to sticky, delete and move threads.
  • Ability to Admin-lock threads which allows only Administrators to post on them.
  • Access to Beta-Test various features.
  • No restrictions on the quantity of posts or threads they can submit.
  • Ability to view how many people have flagged a thread.
  • Access to their own Archived Threads.
Current Administrators
ACWWFreakazoid Administrator
aldericon Administrator
Jarikira Administrator

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