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 ACC 2 Preview

April 2022:

For this first update regarding ACC 2, we'll be focusing on towns. Towns will be accessible through the profile, so it will also allow for a look there. To begin with, here's a sample user with a few towns created.

ACC2 Towns page.

Before covering the towns, some of you may notice that we've added a new default avatar. Apologies to those that have gotten used to the current absence of any image. Making sure that everyone has some sort of image in their post as an avatar makes things look more consistent. You may also notice a move towards a new, slimmer logo to fit at the top. The current image is merely a prototype, but the final product will be something along its lines. Some of the design elements are also still a work in progress, like the brown tree background.

Next, the towns. We're still working on the layout of this page a bit. Obviously, it stretches rather far vertically at the moment, so most likely the layout will be altered to be more condensed. It's now possible to create a complete town for any game. Here's the form for creating a New Horizons town.

ACC2 NH town creation page.

Many of you may also be wondering about maps. Here are the map creators for both New Leaf and New Horizons.

ACC2 NL map page. ACC2 NH map page.

There are still a few touches here and there to be made. For example, bridges for New Leaf and some templates to start from for New Horizons to save having to fill in over 9000 squares.

That's it for towns, so look for the next update sometime around the end of May or early June. We're tentatively planning on showcasing the forums.