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Topic: Quest to Reunite with City Folk Technicolor.

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2/9 3:01pm
This is going to be a long shot. I am looking for my old friends I used to play with on City Folk.

My Animal Crossing alias was : Yumie.

The aliases my friends went by : Wade, Yoshi, Megatron.

I'm sure there were more, but my memory allowed me to remember these names.

I come here in hopes that somehow, they have an account on here and see this.

I remember we used to dress in the Zap suits. I even drew the squad as a kid and called us Technicolor.
Anyway, wherever my friends are, I hope you are all happy in life. You have brought me so many good memories.

Wade was definitely my bestie, we talked for hours. I remember one of his buddies wrecked his town by cutting all his trees down. I remember how we took revenge as a kid. It was silly, but we dressed up with masks in the act of revenge. We even had an Animal Crossing sleepover, where we left our Wiis on overnight to play as soon as we woke up the next morning.

That next morning, I woke up to my town being covered in golden roses. The roses were placed in such a way that it spelled out, Megatron. I remember I cried happily to that kindness.

I remember Yoshi didn't have a mic, but he would emote a lot in response to anything we talked about. He was super sweet and extremely generous.

There was a mystery girl whose alias escapes me. She was a part of the group as well. I remember her being very nice, and her player had brown hair.

Maybe one day we can all play again.
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