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Originally, ACC was conservative in regard to username changes. The long-standing policy was members could request a review process to determine if their username met certain criteria in order to be updated. Most username change requests were denied on the basis that they didn't meet the criteria for change.

With ACC 2 coming up, one of the newest features will be the ability for users to make a username change. This will be done through the profile, with a limited number of changes, and will display a user's username history on their profile. Users will also retain ownership over their names, so other users may not change to a name they've previously had.

As a result of this feature being implemented, we would like to announce our new policy that will allow members, who are displeased with their current username, to have an opportunity to change it to better reflect themselves and their interests.

Even with our new policy on username changes, there are still some restrictions. Please ensure you read through all of these important details before deciding if a username change is right for you.

• Any member who may be displeased with their current username may request a username change which will be considered by the Modmins.

• We will currently only allow one username change in total for each member. We strongly suggest members are certain the new username is something they are happy with, now and for the foreseeable future.

• As always, any suggested new usernames must follow the ACC Site Rules.

• Accepted username changes will be documented publicly on the username history thread which will be located on the Site Support Board. This list will be used for reference by the members and Staff.

I want a new username, what's next?

If upon reading all the information above you would still like to request a username change then please follow these steps:

1. Go to your profile and press the "Report a Problem" button. Once you've done this you can now press the icon next to your username. You are now in the process of filing a username change request.
2. In the text box please list 3 different options for new usernames in order from first choice to last. This will help us speed things up if someone already has a username you've requested.
3. Once you've input your request a Modmin will review the request and make the necessary changes.
4. All approved username changes will be documented in your "My Notifications" tab on the left sidebar. This will remain in your records for the duration of your time on ACC.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them here.
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