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2/6 5:25am
Hi everyone, welcome back to ACC!

We're very sorry for how long it took to get the server back online. We had originally hoped to have everything working last weekend, but there were a lot of hold-ups, including shipping delays, inexplicable power failures and even a server room that was two days late because the wiring wasn't installed yet(!). Huge thanks to all our staff who cooperated in debugging, as well as to outgoing owner jader201 who gave us a lot of extremely helpful documentation to support the process. And congratulations to everyone who voted for the "even longer than that" option in last week's Weekly Poll asking how long the site would be offline!

Over the next week or two you will see some minor changes around the site as we find and remove/update pages and features that refer to Jader's ownership. We will also update our privacy policy shortly with details of our new hosting providers.

Finally, to celebrate ACC not breaking, we're excited to announce that we will be holding an ACC Winter Festival throughout December! Just like our Summer Parties, this will feature a selection of forum games to cheer you up through the cold dark days of winter. Winter and festive avatars are also now available to use, and will be around until 3rd January. Stay tuned for an announcement tomorrow about the event schedule!
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