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We've very excited for Update 1.22.27!

Here's some of what was changed:

- Full removal of ads
- Removal of Google Analytics
- Addition of aldericon's and GoldenCelebi's avatars
- Updates to ACC's favicon and other meta tags
- Donations have been moved to Doumori LLC
- The Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect the removal of ads, the removal of Google Analytics, and to officially let people know our emails are hosted by Google

If you are having any trouble seeing the new favicon, or issues with the site layout, try hard refreshing to help clear the cache.

As a reminder, we are planning to go down Wednesday as we deal with moving the server. We hope to be back online between December 2nd and December 6th, and will be in full contact via our support email and all our social media during the period.
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Announcements Board » Topic: Update 1.22.27 (w/Privacy Policy)

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