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11/29/2022 11:40pm
Hey everyone!

I wanted to share some bittersweet news with everyone today: after 20 years, I’ve decided to step down as the owner of Animal Crossing Community, and pass the torch on to someone you all know, and have likely encountered a number of times in the forums, aldericon!

She has been working hard — alongside many others — on building out ACC 2.0, and has the dedication and passion for the site to help move it forward. I have no doubt that ACC will be in great hands under her leadership, and I’m excited to see what lies in the journey ahead.

She will be working closely with the existing admins, ACWWFreakazoid and Jarikira, as well as a new admin I’m happy to announce, GoldenCelebi, who has been partnering with aldericon to build out ACC 2.0.

I will be working with aldericon and the admins to transition things over the next few weeks. This includes a brief period when we will need to bring the site down:

Around 11am ACC time on Wednesday, Nov 30, the site will come down to be relocated to a new facility. We hope the site will be back up sometime between Saturday, Dec 3 and Tuesday Dec 6.

Hopefully the site will be back online on the earlier side of the estimate, but should be no later than Dec 6. We will keep a placeholder page up and updated with additional information, as well as our Facebook and Twitter feeds. We’ll also post reminders on ACC and the social media channels leading up to the scheduled outage.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone in the community for their love of Animal Crossing and ACC. I’ve enjoyed hearing stories over the years of the friendships that have formed, and lives that have been impacted by this little community. Not only does ACC predate a lot of popular sites like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, it also predates my two children! And many of you have likely grown up with ACC, so I thank you for choosing to share some of your life with us!

I also want to thank the staff for their many years of dedication, time, and effort they’ve poured into making the community and site what it is today. They do this only out of love for the site and community, and without them, ACC would not be where it is today.

aldericon has started a thread here to share some updates from her side, as well as answer any questions or concerns you all may have.

Thanks again for being a part of this journey, and I’m sure I’ll see you all in the future, as a normal member!

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