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Hi, not sure if anyone still looks at these boards but I hope so as there are a few DIY and cooking recipes I haven't managed to get and am still looking for and ones I have to trade. Ideally flowers for flowers and seasonal for seasonal etc. Ones in bold I'm especially keen for.

Looking for:

shell music box
wooden music box
bamboo flooring
apple chair
juicy apple tv

mum crown
rose crown
purple hyacinth crown
cool hyacinth crown
cool pansy crown
gold rose crown
dark lily crown
chic rose crown
cosmos crown

rose wreath
chic cosmos wreath
pretty tulip wreath
snazzy pansy wreath

cherry blossom:
sakura wood floor
cherry blossom rug

frozen figurine

I have to trade:

Standard (includes flower recipes):

acoustic guitar
angled signpost
backyard lawn
bamboo candleholder
bamboo hat
bamboo lunchbox
bamboo shelf
bamboo stool
beekeeper's hive
cabin wall
cardboard bed x2
cardboard chair
cherry dress x2
coconut juice x2
cosmos shower
dark bamboo bath mat
decoy duck
deer decoration
deer scare
flat garden rock
forest flooring
fossil doorplate
fruit wreath
garden bench
glowing moss statue
gold bars
gold rose wreath
golden arowana model
golden casket
golden decorative plate
golden dishes x2
golden seat
grass standee
green grass skirt
honey comb flooring
honey comb wall
iron garden chair
iron hanger stand
ironwood clock
ironwood cupboard x2
ironwood DIY workbench
ironwood dresser
ironwood low table x2
jungle flooring
kettle bathtub
knight's helmet
leaf mask
lily record player
log bed x2
log bench x2
log dining table
log pack
log round table
log stool x2
log wall mounted clock
manga-library wall
modeling clay x3
modern wood wall x2
mum cushion
music stand
orange hat x2
orange umbrella
orange wall
palm-tree lamp
pansy wreath  x2
peach dress x2
peach hat
peach wall
pear bed
pear wall x2
plain wooden shop sign
pond stone
raccoon figurine
rocking horse
rustic-stone wall
scattered papers x3
shell partition
shell stool x2
shell table
simple DIY workbench
stacked bottle crates
standard umbrella stand
steamer basket set x2
steel flooring
straw umbrella hat
tall garden rock
tall lantern
tiki torch x3
traditional straw coat x3
tree standee
trophy case
tulip surprise box x2
unglazed dish set
vine lamp
wild log bench x2
windflower crown
wooden-block bed
wooden-block chest
wooden-block wall clock
wooden full-length mirror
wooden-plank sign
wooden table
zen-style stone

mush lamp
sandy-beach flooring
spooky lantern
spooky standing lamp

apple jelly
cherry pie
coconut milk
frosted cookies x2
mixed fruits crepe
pickled veggies
pound cake x2
pumpkin cupcakes x2
pumpkin scones
pumpkin soup
seafood ajillo
veggie crepe
**ACC time +4/5 hours** [UK/EU]
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