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Hello everyone and welcome to ACC 2.0, where we have more 2.0's than you can shake a stick at. No one can accuse this of just being the old site with a smattering of paint, no sirree. Have a look around the site and really take in the new site smell. You won't find 2.0's like this anywhere else. Oh, and did we mention these shiny new avatars?

We're also pleased to announce the opening of the Bell Shop. It has all sorts of avatars, emotes, and perks to tickle the fancy of any forum user or happy home designer. It doesn't matter if you're lacking a GameCube, as in this wild world not just city folk can turn over a new leaf while exploring new horizons. Be sure to get there early as supplies are limited, so pocket camping is recommended to avoid missing any amiibo festivals.

In short, we hope you enjoy 2.0 and all updates that follow!
*Rugby tackles Devin2600 and pedro_collins*
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