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12/1 9:13am
So i’ve finally began playing new horizon after avoiding it for ages, I finally unlocked the campsite but I was unlucky to get a villager who I dislike now he’s moving in and i don’t know how to get rid of him as I’ve heard so many different things. I do own amibo cards with my dreamys but i don’t know how to unlock this and I own a switch lite and i don’t know if it’s available. Please help
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pretty soon (probably within the next day or so, I forget exactly how long you have to wait, but it unlocks after your first campsite villager moves in), tom nook will say that he's added amiibo functionality to the machine at resident services. you'll have to scan the villager you want on three days (it doesn't have to be three days in a row) and craft an item for them each day. on the third day, you'll be able to ask them to move in. you'll only be able to kick the villager you don't like out if you have no vacant plots, otherwise the new villager will just move into the empty space

all switch models can read amiibo
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11/26 1:04am
From what I've heard there's a handful of ways to give em the boot. There's:

1. Ignoring them outright.
2. Time Traveling (Not reccomended.)
3. Try seeing if another villager will replace em (It's how I got Bree on my island lol.)
4. The aformentioned Amiibo card.

I hope this worked.
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