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Topic: How are you guys feeling about the new update now?

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11/30 4:28pm
I was wondering how everyone else was feeling, since it's been more than a week since it released.
There are of course some things that I miss but I'm happy & surprised with all of the stuff they added!!

What do you think?
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11/14 3:13pm
I’m kind of conflicted I guess.
On the one hand, I feel like a child that finally got that cool new toy only to realize it’s not as cool as the commercial promised. On the other hand, I’d put up a fight if they tried to take it away from me.

My biggest disappointment is with Kappn. I literally cried tears of joy when they showed him in the direct. Only to find out they did him dirty. I just don’t understand the concept with his islands. Only once a day you can go… then usually there is nothing useful there. That is especially true for players that have played since release. It feels like a weird attempt at giving us a “cheat code”. Sure. You can get out of season stuff, but the same thing can be accomplished via trading or time traveling. I went today and there was literally nothing there. It appeared to be same season as my island. However there was no mushrooms, bells, foreign fruit, no pine cones lying around. Nothing special at all. Just gyroid and flowers. Was very weird. (Unless the flowers was supposed the special thing there?)

I’m also kind of sad about the gyroids. I was under the impression that we’d have to find fragments to put them together. Like, maybe need 3 specific fragments to make a certain gyroid. I also really miss the old designs. Don’t get me wrong, the new ones are cute. I adore crumpoid! I was just also fantasizing about using some of the old ones in an old “jungle ruins” build. These things just make it not really worth going to Kappn’s islands.

Cooking. I was never interested in. I absolutely hate how it’s kind of pushed onto us with having dailies that say to water crops or cook something. I can’t wait to collect all the recipes and Nook stamps related so I never have to it again.

The new items I absolutely adore. My only wish here is that there were a wee bit more of the natural items to balance out the abundance of cute items and food items. I love love love the moss items and vines. And the cave.

I don’t mean to come off as totally negative about it though. I’ve been having a ton of fun despite my complaints and absolutely love New Horizons as much as did since launch. I just feel sometimes that Nintendo over looks a small percentage of the player base and the kind of items they might enjoy. That makes me really sad.

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12/1 3:27pm
To me, it was basically a godsent.

Not only did I really need the storage, the island tours with kapp´n helps me not only to get stuff that I might have missed, but also find new stuff and get some more wholesome weirdness.

I am a first timer in the Animal Crossing series, and I don´t have the chance to trade or such since I don´t play online. From my perspective, the update shakes up a lot.

I don´t know or care much about gyroids or new furniture yet, I need to let that happen to me slowly as anything else. The veggies and the cooking though are a nice touch (even though it is a bit hard to get all veggies in a hurry).

I never had any deep relationship with this game compared to other people, but I personally get the feeling that the roost is mostly for nostalgia, and an excuse to sell more of these amiibo cards, since they have very limited function in the game as it was. Sooo, yeah... it is nice to have, but a simple coffee booth compared to full blown café would have been enough for me. But whatever.

I still need to get the DLC, but I am sure, it would shake things up even more, at least itemwise.
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I am also conflicted
Very happy about the gyroids coming back, but not happy with the burying and watering them, thats just weird.

If they are gonna bring back the roost what about "bookers"....... dont we need a cop shop?

And i wanted tortimer back, BUT they made him completely useless

And again if you are bringing back katrina WHERE IS BOOKER?!?!?!?!

Also will have to agree with kapp'n..... three days of the island being completely useless, what no more wasps in the tress no acorns no furniture???, WOW I just wasted another 1000 nmts
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Thirding being conflicted. It has a lot of great features, but not quite what I needed to come back to play every day.

I actually think the gyroids are my favorite part. I’m having fun collecting one of each type because they’re so goofy looking now. In past games I really didn’t care for them because they took up so much room. In NH, it’s much easier to display the collection.

I agree about Kapp’n being a major disappointment. I’m not seeing the point in his islands. It just feel like a Nook Mile Ticket tour, they probably should have just mixed the special Kapp’n islands in with the mystery tour islands. The whole reason I wanted Kapp’n back was for Tortimer island and the multiplayer features, so it’s disappointing getting something else entirely (and which already exists in the game anyway). I understand why they added a 1 trip per day limit, but they really should have made sure EVERY island was unique. Because it’s really frustrating to go on your one trip and arrive to an island with nothing different from your own.

The cooking feature is a cute way to get food items, but im not going to be recatching my entire catalogue to unlock all those fish recipes.

I think Harv’s island is fantastic. I LOVE having Cyrus there to customize items. It’s exactly what the game needed. Unfortunately, I don’t have much use for a lot of the other vendors there because I’ve traded for my missing art, gotten most of Sahara and Kick’s stuff, and I don’t really see a need for Tortimer there.  It’s a great feature and I’m so glad they added it.

Here’s my most controversial take. I never understood why everyone was so obsessed with getting Brewster back. I like him, he’s a cute feature, but the Roost isnt the feature I would have chosen as a hill to die on. I wish they took The Roost further. I was expecting to be able to work like in NL and I’m surprised Nintendo actually scaled the purpose of The Roost back to earlier games. I was really hoping for more here.

Lastly, I really like Happy Home Paradise. I enjoy being able to decorate based on a prompt. It adds some much-needed life to the game that I really appreciate. I loved Happy Home Designer for the 3DS so I knew I’d love this, too.

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^Well, considering we already "work" for Happy Home Paradise, I guess they didn't want us to have a job overload. (This is assuming that most players bought the DLC though.)

Anyway, does anyone else notice the game tends to slow down/freeze for a few seconds at certain parts now? This never happened to me before the update. It's slightly concerning.

But otherwise, loving the updates, but I will agree with what many of you have said. Kapp'n feels disappointing and pointless, it's just "go here for 1 Gyroid a day!" kinda thing. I never got to experience the often talked of New Leaf island tour games, and would have liked to. Ah well, maybe next game.

The vendors... this is just the City Folk "city" all over again. The updates are like once a week and other than acorns, there's no reason to really go. It's odd how some furniture is customization-locked behind Cyrus, while others we can do ourselves.

The Roost feels kinda pointless for me too. I just go once a day so I can get the unlockable items. Only interesting character there so far was Don Resetti, who for some odd reason has a very high pitched voice.

I also find the morning aerobics very pointless and just annoying.

The extra storage is cool but I never had mine filled to begin with lol.

That said, I do love the cooking. It's pointless but cute and fun for me. I love collecting the recipes to complete a "cookbook" of sorts!

The Gyroids are great too, just wonder why some only have like 3 color schemes while others get like 7.

And of course, I'm in love with Happy Home Paradise. I wish the reggae tune that plays outside was available on our stereos... again, maybe next game. It's better than the actual K.K. Reggae we've had for 2 decades.

Overall though, more could've been added. But I'm happy.
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I like it for the most part, but I do agree that Kapp'n has an odd purpose, especially considering I've progressed so far into the game that the only use he really has for me at this point is the daily gyroid. Everything else I don't have complaints with, I ESPECIALLY enjoy HHP
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