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12/1 3:27pm
Several Quesitons after all:

- I have heard in a certain Youtube video that you can in fact breed with golden roses: I think you could get red roses after breeding gold roses with black? (not sure about it atm). Anyone got any experiences or knowledge?
- Does anyone happen to know if golden roses have any kinds of genes in them? As some might know, there is a genetic code programmed for every single flower, except for Lily-of-the-valley. For golden roses, I couldn´t find anything mentioned so far. Has anyone some info?
- apparently, a black rose can breed a golden rose together with a yellow rose. The golden rose sprouted on the side of the yellow rose as in the following sheme:


the lines represent pathways, B is for black (rose), Y for yellow and G for golden. There were only two fields, where a flower could have sprouted, and it didn´t happen on the black side. The big question now is: If there IS in fact a gene code for the golden rose as well, what can you do with it? If not, can the golden rose in some way raise and/or change the genes of the other breeding rose in some way?

I would be happy for some advise...
To find my isle, type in hiragana plz. Google is our friend here.
Due to circumstances, my isle is a work in progress. Plz be patient.
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