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Topic: What Are Some Of The Starters You Got And Who’s On Your Island Now?

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10/27 11:43pm
By that, I mean the two villager you started out with, Sisterly and Jock, the three villagers you get from building the first three homes, Peppy, Sweet, and Lazy, and the first campsite villager you got, Smug.

My two starters were Tammy (Sisterly/Uchi) and Goose (Jock).
My three house making villagers were Penelope (Peppy), Aurora (Sweet/Normal), and Pudge (Lazy).
And my first campsite villager was Rodney (Smug)

I definitely liked all of them and with this first five I hope I get to have them in my town again one with their new houses. Also, does anyone else find it annoying how they don’t revert to what they’re houses look regularly and are just with the basic houses until you kick them out and move them back in again. Never really liked that. They’re houses are what gives them more of a personality.

And also, who’s currently on your island now?

I know have Tammy, Cyd, Skye, Julian, Velma, Biff, Celia, Biskit, Freckles, and Groucho, my best friends! Tammy, Cyd, and Freckles have been here the longest. Groucho was too, but he technically left and I brought back with his amiibo card so I could have my starters from New Leaf finally here.

Do you also have any personal memories or good stories with them?
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10/27 6:41pm
my first two were Sly and Cherry, pretty solid I like them both alright, but I'd had them both in previous games

next three were Zucker, Bangle and Coco. also pretty solid, never had Zucker or Bangle. Coco I was very excited about because I've had her in every game and she's my favourite. NL was the only one I had to hunt her down for, but she was a natural move-in in every other game

campsite villager was Kidd, pretty alright

struggling a bit to remember who my last four original villagers were. I know one was Judy and I still have her, but the other three escape me right now. I want to say the other three were Rooney, Norma and Mott, but I'm not totally confident they were originals. Rooney and Mott I didn't care much for, but Norma was super cute, I found her on a hybrid flower island

right now I have all 8 of the new villagers that were added, plus Annalise and Genji. Annalise and Genji are just here because I let those two slots move in and out whenever, but the other ones I hunted down.
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10/24 9:21pm
My two starters were Dom and Charlise, pretty solid considering I already liked Charlise in NL and I was excited to have one of the new villagers as a starter.
After that came Bianca, Annalise and Hornsby. I really liked Bianca and was okay with Hornsby since I thought he was cute, but Annalise just seemed so...devoid of any character.
My campsite villager was Henry who I absolutely adored (and still do)
As of now, I still have Dom, Charlise, Bianca and Henry, but Annalise was replaced with Opal, Hornsby was replaced with first Stinky and now Pompom, and now I've also had the addition of Curt, Bob, Astrid and Poppy join my island
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My starters were Antonio and Plucky. After that I got Flurry who is still on my island. I'll let her go eventually but I like random villagers coming to my island while also being afraid of someone ugly coming

I kept a daily journal for the first year on my island so I know everyone who came in and out. Rosie, Raymond, Cherry, and Kidd were also villagers who joined early and are still on it.
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10/27 7:45pm
My first two: Mira and Mac
Next three: Rosie, Marina and Zucker
Smug camper: Pietro

Who I have now: Marina, Zucker, Octavian, Flora, Deli, Gigi, Lily, Gaston, Molly & Stitches (in that order)

I love all my villagers! I’ve lost a few good ones along the way like Bianca and Wart Jr. but I’m happy with my island! Gaston is my all time favourite villager so I used my amiibo cards to summon him
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10/22 12:37am
My first two were Pierce and Shari. I don't quite remember who came after that, I think it was Megan, Hornsby and Poncho? Then I got Carlos as my camper. I still have Pierce and Hornsby along with Roscoe, Bob, Julien, Lucky, Ketchup, Coco, Mira, and Vivian. I'm thinking of replacing someone with Chai but I haven't decided who yet. I love all my current villagers but I really want Chai so I can put a cute little tea shop outside of her house
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10/14 10:01am
Starting 2: Mac and Reneigh
3 house plots: Sherb, Tia and Tutu
Camspite: Phil

The only one that still lives in my town is Reneigh but that's only because she is my favorite sisterly villager (I hate her starting house tho)
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