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Topic: Question about online play … What happened?

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8/1/2021 11:43am
So this is something of a shot in the dark, and I’m not sure if I’ll get the answer I’m looking for, but it’s worth a try. Honestly, I thought I’d asked this question before but it seems I haven’t … so let’s go.

I used to play CF religiously when I was a kid, I was probably about five years old when I started. I wasn’t the greatest at decorating or whatever (being a kid), but I was really proud of my town.

However, one day I decided to go through those gates knowing I had no one to play with or no town to visit. I’m not sure why I decided to, but I guess I figured nothing bad could happen — despite the warnings I was probably given.

Obviously, I entered some sort of multiplayer thing but I didn’t really know how to get out then, so I just went back into the game. A couple more warnings came through before i was back in my town without my items, my bells and, for some reason, my hat.

I guess I just wanted to ask … what happened? What did I do to lose all my stuff that day? Should I have done something different?

I’m not hung up on it anymore as it was so long ago, but all these years I’ve been curious as to what I did.

So, maybe it’s a stupid question, but I decided I’d come here for answers.

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6/26 9:07pm
City Folk didn't have random online play; you could only play with people on your friend roster. But I'm wondering if you were using the DS Suitcase, which copies your character data to a Nintendo DS, which you then take to another Wii system to visit that town. It's not multiplayer, though; it would just be you (alone) in the other town.

There is a warning about losing your belongings if you don't save properly, so it sounds like maybe you didn't leave the other town through the gate (or didn't choose the right option when returning to your own town). Does any of that sound familiar?
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