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Topic: Commissions for Custom Designs!

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8/27/2021 2:18pm

From the Creator:

Opening commissions of every kind! Whether you're looking for a ballroom dress or a vintage hat, perhaps maybe even a stylish walkway, I will be glad to work with you on getting it done!

I have a pretty unpredictable schedule so my beautiful girlfriend will be handling the "prices" and communication  

My hours will be after 6pm est but she will take commissions all day

I will have your design ready in under 2 days (in under a few hours for sure at first)

If you would like progress pictures, you can add me on discord: DesMango #2569

From the Secretary:

Hello! I will be handling the business side of this operation ^.^ Just let me know what you're looking for in your custom design, we can discuss the pricing options and I will relay the information to my girlfriend so she can get started when she has time! c:

Pricing is pretty flexible, it will most likely be *random items , 2-10 NMT (depending on the complexity of the creation), or 10K bells

*Random items include any and every wallpaper, flooring, rugs, or any random/quirky furniture items in game! My baby is a fan of anything odd, weird, or different, so the more random, the better! She also loves any form of plants, and hanging plants

Go wherever the wind takes you. You may like it!
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4/8 3:34pm
Hi, curious; but, If I provided a picture, could it be turned into a flag. I'm an artist... but I'll admit... I'm not very good at drawing with the pixels in game.

I'll be happy to contact you via Discord as it's what I usually use, but i'd love one of my pieces of art turned into a flag.

I would like to offer 1mil bells + 10 NMTs
Want to contact me more real time? The Crimson King#1031 is my discord.
Feel free to add me any time~
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