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4/16 4:06pm
Hi all. Please can i fet some advice. I have 2 switches 1 digital ac and 1 ac game card and 1 nintendo online account.  1 island currently in use  and I want to start a 2nd island on my other switch? Can I use my current nintendo online account or do I need to create and pay for another and is there any more advice offered. Many thanks in advance
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10/27 6:41pm
you'll be able to use the same nintendo online account for both towns. the only issue you might run into is that you won't be able to have characters from your two towns visit each other, so you'd need another person to help if you want to send anything between them.

I'm not sure if having both a physical & a digital copy will let you work around that limitation though. I have one digital copy that I use on both my switches and I can't play on the secondary console while the primary is using the game, and that's the reason I can't visit between my two towns

if that is an issue for you and having two copies doesn't work as a workaround, I'd suggest getting a family plan. it costs a little bit less than two individual NSO accounts, and you can put up to 8 users on it. if you have friends or family who play you can split the cost, or if you make multiple players in your towns you can have up to 8 of them capable of wifi visits
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