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so sometimes the villagers will drink smoothies from a jar. in the files there are three smoothies, a yellow one, a pink one and an orange one with an orange slice, and I've seen all three in other people's screenshots

I have only ever seen villagers in my town drinking the pink one. my starting fruit is cherries and at the start of the game when tom nook had me collect cherries to make drinks, he made pink drinks

so I'm wondering, is the colour of smoothie your villagers drink determined by your starting fruit? what is your starting fruit and smoothie colour? have any of you seen more than one colour smoothie in your town? I know there are five fruits, but apples, pears and peaches are all kind of yellow-y when you blend them in real life

I know other things that your villagers carry around like popsicle flavour, food items, bags, etc are villager specific, but the different smoothie colours are not as far as I can tell. either that or all the smoothie-drinking villagers I've had only like pink smoothies
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10/12 2:32pm
I never noticed this until I read your post today! I ran into Cranston and he was drinking one today, it's yellow... and I have pears as my native fruit
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