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2/11/2021 9:53am

I’m Eriu! I’m 26 and looking to make friends!

I used to play ACWW back in the day and had a user on ACC then too. I adored the feel of it, I made some really sweet friendships back then and would try to stay up all night playing with people despite having school in the morning. In fact, one of them friends is someone I subsequently met up with when we were adults and we talk regularly!

I joined a Facebook group a while back but it was lacking that old community feel and there just wasn’t that connection with people anymore. It would be amazing to get the feeling again!

A little about myself...

I live in the ever so sunny UK. I am a little bit of a mixed bag personality wise/hobby wise. I just finished my MA in Neuropsychology. Despite that, I’m currently working as a gardener for a public attraction job truly brings me so much joy...so much so that I now live with over 70 houseplants in my dinky flat because I haven’t a garden. I dabble in painting and major mostly in portraiture in oil or small birds in watercolour. Despite the fact I have ADHD, I can be rather quiet and shy at times. Although, when I grow to know someone, I am generally very open and one of the things I pride myself on is how easily I love others.

Ah...I also love baking, watching TV, pub quizzes, singing, reading, cycling. I have a 200hr certificate for yoga teacher training.

If anyone is thinking that I sound like someone you could be friends with, send me a message! Let’s talk!
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