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11/12/2020 6:35pm
hey everyone, I had already posted about this on the AC:NL discussion forum but I figured I might as well post it here too. Some time ago I arranged a piano medley of every hourly theme from New Leaf, and having recently found this community, I thought you guys might enjoy it! It took a lot of work to put together so I'm really eager to see what you guys think. Post a reply below if you have any AC music you'd like to see me cover in the future!

ACNL hourly piano medley

Thanks for your support.

P.S. I also covered the 4 PM theme from WW if you wanna check that out as well.

Have a nice day
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12/27/2020 4:17pm
Cool, I'll make sure to check it out! I like listening to covers of AC music
Something you could cover in the future is some of the best pieces of hourly music from other games. 5 PM from the original Gamecube version, 8 PM and 2 AM from WW, and 11 AM, 6 PM, and 2 AM from NH are all really good ones to cover.
Another thing you could try covering is some of K.K. Slider's songs. Some of them lend themselves really well to piano.

Update: I listened to the piano medley, and it was amazing! Well done!
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