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9/22/2020 11:21am
Hello, if a ACC staff comes a crossed this, please delete this account. It seems I am unable to do so myself, and this account has been the cause of at least one password breach for me onto other accounts. I have already changed the password to complete randomness so that I may never log back in after this point.

Thank you for your understanding. Cheers!
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5/28 10:51pm
My apologies that you’ve had issues with your account. Unfortunately, we don’t delete accounts. You can change your password and not come back. I see there isn’t any information left on your profile, so you can just change your password and not log back on, as you have already done.

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5/25 6:44pm
quite concerning that ACC will not delete accounts on request in accordance with the CCPA as they have personal information on over 50,000 individuals
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8/21/2021 10:19pm
^ Actually, the Privacy Policy says:

"As a general rule, we do not erase information we collect unless required by law. Legally binding requests for erasure should be directed to support@animalcrossingcommunity.com."
So if you have proper legal rights to have your information removed, you can contact them and get it done. Not sure if OP is from California, but that's an option.
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