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Basic information
There are two types of WiFi play: local play and online play, where players can use either friend codes or Dodo codes to connect. In order to WiFi with another player, you need a wifi connection, a Nintendo Switch account and the other player’s friend code or Dodo code

Local play: WiFi play with someone whose Switch is within range of yours
Online play: WiFi play with someone using a wireless internet connection
Friend code: the code associated with your Switch. It works for Animal Crossing:New Horizons as well as other games.
Dodo code: A one time code that will work only for one wifi session

Exchanging codes and adding friends
To add someone as a friend, click on the symbol on a post they’ve made and send them a friend code request. Once they accept, you’ll both see each other’s friend code and can enter it on your switch.

To add someone as a best friend, you must first add them as a friend and visit them or have them visit you. During or after a WiFi session with them, select “best friends list” on your Nook Phone, select their name, and send them a best friend request.

To exchange Dodo codes with someone, one of you needs to generate a code and tell it to the other one. On ACC, you can only exchange Dodo codes via private thread. Before exchanging Dodo codes, you must read ACC’s Dodo code policy.

Opening your island for visitors
Visit the counter in your airport and Orville will ask you what you’d like to do. Select “I want visitors” and then the mode you wish to use (local or online)

If you select “all my friends,” any player you’ve swapped friend codes with will see your island as an option when looking for islands to visit.

If you select “only my best friends,” only your best friends will see your island.

If you select “invite via Dodo code,” Orville will tell you a one time code. You will need to tell that code to the visitor. On ACC, you can only share Dodo codes via PT. If you forget the code return to the desk and Orville will tell you again. Once you close your gates, that code becomes invalid.

You have some further options if you choose to invite via Dodo Code. You can restrict it to friends or best friends, which means the visitor must be a friend/best friend and know the Dodo code. Or you can select “the more the merrier,” which allows anyone with the code to visit.

Visiting other People’s Islands
Visit the counter in your airport and Orville will ask you what you’d like to do. Select “I want to fly,” then “I wanna visit someone” then the mode you wish to use (local or online)

When Orville asks how you’d like to travel, you can select friends to see a list of all your friends who are currently open or to search via Dodo code and enter the code the other player gave you.

There are certain actions players can and cannot do on other people’s islands depending on their friend status

Things Visitors Cannot Do:
~Sell using the Nookington’s drop box
~Pick up or moved placed objects
~Place objects
~Use the ATM
~Sell to or get a model made by CJ or Flick
~Help Gulliver/Gullivarr fix his communicator

Things all Visitors Can Do:
~Sell/buy from Timmy and Tommy
~Buy from Ables
~Buy from Saharah, Leif, Redd, Daisy Mae and Kicks
~Drop items
~Pick up dropped objects
~Fish, swim or catch bugs
~Talk to islanders
~Get a recipe from the crafting villager
~Get a recipe from Celeste
~Wish on shooting stars

Things Only Best Friends Can Do:
~Dig up items, flowers and trees
~Shake trees for materials
~Hit rocks
~Chop trees
~Plant trees

Things the Host Cannot do when the Gate is Open (even if there are no visitors)
~Send mail
~Edit wand outfits

Things the Host Cannot do When There are Visitors:
~Pick up or move placed objects

Once one player visits another and they have both added each other as friends, they can send mail to each other.

You can order a friend up to two items from your catalog each day.

You can send a friend up to two letters from the airport each day. You can attach one item or one stack of materials to each letter. You cannot mail:
~Sea creatures
~Flowers (ones that are dug up with shovel)
~Trees (full grown)
~Bushes (full grown)

Miscellaneous information
- If Orville tells you there is interference, someone is coming/leaving the island or someone has a window open.
- If a visitor leaves while a special character is present, that character might appear in a different spot if the visitor doesn’t leave using the gate.
- If you are hosting other players on your island and have a fenced route/area, note that players are able to dive off of the airport pier if wearing a wetsuit to evade restricted zones, so be careful.
- You are able to report players using the - button on the Switch and follow the onscreen prompts, stating your reason and the content being reported.
- Be careful who you give your dodo code to, otherwise you may find unwelcome players in your town.
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