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Topic: Music trends of the 2010's: a look back!

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The 2010's have been over long enough for a baby to be born! What are some music trends you fondly remember? Hated? Want back? Shoukld've been gone by now?

It started off with acts like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber fresh off their debuts at unprecedented heights. The Jonas Brothers were already fading out in popularity. The Black Eyed Peas ruled the charts with fun, upbeat EDM hip hop tracks. Bieber fever made him one of the most hated people in the world. Gaga's Little Monsters were everywhere.

It seemed every other song was about going out and having a good time. Everything was fun, upbeat, electronically charged. Dubstep happened and had to insert itself somehow into every other mainstream hit.

Then as the world was gonna end in 2012, the "indie pop folk" crowd came about. In come the Lumineer's brief time in the spotlight, as well as Of Monsters and Men, among similar. Imagine Dragons would, sadly, permanently change rock music into not even being rock anymore, following in Maroon 5's footsteps.

But it did also make way for a massive hit by Gotye and Kimbra, and nobody has really cared about either of them since.

Oh and in 2012 we had battle of the boy bands: One Direction vs. The Wanted. Pretty obvious who the victor was. Oh and Austin Mahone and a few other Bieber-clones who sadly never made it to his level of success.

But we did have yet another notable thing: "Gangnam Style". A song with barely any English words in it, sung-rapped by a guy who looked as far as could be from a typical K-pop idol (K-pop having gained western popularity slowly up to this point), that showed that a song can become a hit via memeing the video. Psy's older fans accused him of selling out, of course, as his older work had more serious themes to it. I think this was the beginning of the end of the major club-EDM era in hip hop and in general.

Tthe following year was yet another one, with no words at all, "Harlem Shake". Basically amped up the "meme song" formula to 11, without even an official music video- relying solely on fans making videos to propel it to #1. This made the listeners feel like we were part of the music industry, that we made this song become what it was. (Almost ruined by Azealia Banks wanting to be a rapper in the song but let's not mention that).

I'm gonna be petty and mention Iggy Azalea. 2014 would be her year, and for songs with similar sounding beats to her hit "Fancy". The following year, Britney Spears would team up with Iggy to release a clone song of it.

In the midst of all of this, some rappers emerged with serious, more conscious themed songs and albums. But I don't listen to much rap so someone else can talk about that.

We also had the emergence of some girl groups like Little Mix & Fifth Harmony.

2015 saw a bunch of one-off dance hip-hop singles, such as Whip/Nae Nae, Hit the Quan, and a few others. Nobody has heard from any of those rappers since.

At this time, a genre that had been emerging for a few years- mumble rap/trap- was beginning to dominate the market, and pretty much has since, unfortunately. It managed to intertwine itself with most pop music so you can't tell them apart.

Then it combined with the indie pop folk I mentioned earlier, which is the other genre around now. Oddly enough Taylor Swift's recent Folklore album would've fit in well in 2012 as well.

2015 was the rise of the tropical house genre of EDM, which basically re-launched Bieber's career (seriously, I thought we'd never hear from him again, boy was I wrong), and started a bunch more producer-DJ careers, arguably as many as 2010 EDM. This genre would go on to be the main pop genre for a few years.

Now for things I missed, going by popular artists:

Britney! She released 3 albums in the 2010's. Femme Fatale had some major hits for her, yet people really seem to forget this album even existed nowadays. It did follow that EDM dance formula to a tee though. Her other two albums were sorta ignored, even by her record label.

Madonna has... literally the exact same story.

Taylor Swift. Started off 2010 with a fairly typical country-pop album by her standards. Shook up 2012 with Red (yeah, remember that one?), as a firm stand that she was no longer a country artist and was permanently just straight up pop now. Followed the formula with arguably her biggest album yet, 2014's 1989. Then in 2017, went in a weird sorta R&B hip-hop direction fused with her now usual sound. Hm okay. 2019 saw her return to her previous tried-and-true formula though. 5 albums for the decade, wow.

Also, the Jonas Brothers came back at the end of the decade, exploding onto the charts with their first U.S. #1 hit. Not much about them has really changed to be honest, which is why they went away again fairly quickly. And I'll add Joe's band DNCE which had "Cake by the Ocean" and not much else.

Katy Perry. Arguably she ruled the early 2010's. But her sound never really changed at all. Album after album sounds more or less the same. So she now just relies on her persona more than her actual music.

Pharrell made a huge comeback! The early 2000's saw his success as a producer, but the mid 2010's saw him succeed as a solo artist as well, also being a guest vocalist on other songs.

Justin Timberlake... was a thing. He was sorta there a few times. Just couldn't make a solid comeback though.

Kanye West... wait, he has music?? Thought he was just a media personality at this point, with a few minor hits.

Kesha was riding high off of her debut, then... kinda faded out. In her defense, it was due to many personal issues beyond her control. She changed her sound up majorly for a while, doing more soulful piano ballads, then in 2019 went back to her party girl sound. Hm.

Nicki Minaj became a huge deal, and arguably the most popular female rapper of the decade. She was everywhere. Then Cardi B stepped in and stole that spotlight. Now there's a few others as well but they're all kinda clones of each other.

Drake was the most popular male rapper. Enough said.

Speaking of Drake, gotta mention Rihanna! Co-ruled the decade alongside Katy Perry, yet oddly their paths never crossed. Anyway, RiRi had 4 albums this decade, her biggest being Loud... that was its title. Lol. Anyways, she was consistent with releases until it was time for her 8th album... that had a really rocky start, not knowing what sound to go with.

Mariah Carey... well, her Christmas song from the 90's was still being played every December. It hit #1 at the very end of the decade. Yay? Other than that, she's basically retired at this point, in the eyes of many people.

Miley Cyrus. I remember being on this forum in 2010 and people were talking about her then-current Can't Be Tamed album. Some parents were complaining about that one being too edgy and mature, as Miley was breaking away from her Disney years. If only they knew what would come after that. But yeah, 2013 was her biggest year ever, then after that she kinda fizzled out, occasionally releasing a minor hit, and trying to re-invent her style like 100 times.

Now a huge R.I.P. to the one-hit wonders we quickly gained & lost in this decade! In no particular order:

Natalie La Rose
Sheck Wes
Kent Jones
Jonn Hart
Capital Cities
Grace Sewell
Far East Movement
Willow Smith
Bobby Schmurda
Kyle Harvey

and any I forgot

I'll also address cringe-pop. The most notable example being Rebecca Black with her hit "Friday". Runners up include "PPAP" and "Baby Shark", as well as Danielle Bregoli. Some less famous ones who had viral videos include D4nny, IceJJFish, MattOX, & others.

Anyone have anything to add?
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