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Turnips in New Horizons

Just like in previous installments of the Animal Crossing series, turnips have once again returned for us to indulge and make a few extra bells in the process. This time around, we have a new face coming to our islands to sell: Daisy Mae! Daisy Mae is the granddaughter of Joan, who sold turnips in all previous games. Joan decided to step back and let Daisy Mae have a turn in the turnip business. Daisy Mae is a cute little sow, or female pig. The infamous Stock Market is back as well, as this get-rich-quick scheme always get us looking for that right price!

Daisy Mae

Once Nook's Cranny has been built on your island, Daisy Mae will show up on that first Sunday to introduce herself. She will be on your island from 5am to 12pm, so don't sleep in or you'll miss her! She will be found in a random spot around the island, make sure to look everywhere. The price of turnips will be between 90 and 110 bells, for a bundle of 10. If your pockets are completely empty, the max amount you can hold is 4000 turnips! If you purchase at least 100 turnips, you'll get a cute letter in the mail from Daisy Mae along with three bamboo shoots!

Stock Market

To make the most of your investment, you'll need to monitor the sell price for your turnips over at Nook's Cranny. There are two prices throughout the day: before 12pm, and after 12pm for a total of 12 different prices. There are four different patterns that can occur with sell prices. These will change weekly, so make sure to keep a record of your patterns, as they may predict your pattern for next week...

Sell price will rise and fall slightly, however, there will be no big changes/spikes

Sudden/Large Spike
Sell price will drastically rise, then fall back down immediately. This will happen once during the week

Gradual Decline
Sell price doesn't rise above the initial price you paid for turnips, and will fall throughout the week

Gentle/Small Spike
Sell price will rise, but not as large

Current Pattern                                         Probability of Next Week's Pattern
                                            Normal                Large Spike           Gradual Decline               Small Spike
Normal                                     20%                      30%                         15%                            35%
Sudden/Large Spike                  50%                       5%                          20%                            25%
Gradual Decline                         25%                      45%                          5%                             25%
Gentle/Small Spike                    45%                      25%                         15%                            15%

-Make sure you sell all your turnips come the following Sunday, or else they will become rotten.
-Do not time-travel backwards; this will cause your turnips to rot as well.
-Find a good place to store; these cannot be stored in your home storage, however can be dropped on the floor. Turnips can also be kept outside, but this can attract ants or flies if your turnips are rotten. If you need to add these bugs to your museum, it is worth it to go rotten. *Only need a stack of 10 to attract the fly or ant
-If storing outside, you can build a fence around them to keep others out!
-You can travel to other islands to look for the best prices, don't be shy!
-Make sure you bring enough bells for your purchases and think about your pocket space. If you want to buy the max, you need to bring enough to buy it but not too much that the bells take up a pocket spot.
-Go big or go home!

Stats from Official Companion Guide

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