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Snowboy Guide

As in previous installments of the Animal Crossing series, building a snowman returns in New Horizons! In New Horizons, however, you only have the option to craft Snowboys, as opposed to an entire family like in New Leaf. These snowboys always have something to say regarding how they were built, so make sure you make them perfect! Otherwise, you won't get a reward for making such a perfect snowboy! Snowboys, if crafted to a T, will award you with wintery themed DIY recipes. Starting December 11th (NH) and June 11th (SH) and through the end of the season, snowballs will begin to appear on your island. Two snowballs will spawn every day in a random location on your island, and it is your duty as a master snow crafter to build the perfect snowboy with them.

Do you wanna build a Snowboy?

When it comes to building snowboys in New Horizons, you have to be careful with the proportion between their head and body. To achieve perfect status, the head should be 90% of the size of the body.

1. Locate the two snowballs on your island
2. Begin rolling the snowball used for the body to its maximum size. You'll know you hit 100% when the snowball does not get any bigger.

Tip: If you need to shrink your snowball, roll it on the beach, dirt, or any constructed paths you have.

3. Take the second snowball and roll it so it is about 90% of the body's size. This will ensure a perfect snowman.
4. Roll the head next to the body and congrats! You have built the perfect snowboy.

The below ratios are from the Official Companion Guide, and should help you build your snowboys!

Body       100%       100%      100%      100%      100%      100%         100%
Head      ~60%      ~70%      ~80%      ~90%     ~100%   ~110%      >~110%
Rating    Worst     Not Good    Good     Perfect     Good      Not Good      Worst


If you are successful in building a perfect snowboy, he will reward your hard work with any of the below DIY, along with a large snowflake! After that, each day you visit your perfect snowboy he will give you a large snowflake until he melts. The following recipes require snowflakes and large snowflakes, which can be found floating in the air.

Frozen Arch*
Frozen Chair*
Frozen Counter*
Frozen Tree*
Frozen Table*
Frozen Sculpture*
Frozen Bed*
Frozen Treat-Set*
Frozen Pillar*
Frozen Partition*
Ice Wall
Ice Flooring
Ice Wand
Snowman Head
Three-tiered Snowman*

*This can be customized

Images from VillagerDB

Happy building!

The Spook
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