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Since Animal Crossing: City Folk, Wisp the ghost has been floating through towns. Now in New Horizons, he appears between 8pm-5pm in a random place on your island.

If you approach Wisp, he becomes so frightened that his body divides into 5 spirits which scatter across your island. You are tasked with collecting all 5 pieces with a net and returning them to him.

Once Wisp is fully reformed you are given the two choices for your item reward; "Something New" or "Something Expensive". You can receive flooring, wallpaper, clothing, or a furniture item, but only 1 reward is available each visit. As Wisp alludes to, "Something Expensive" is not always expensive, as it will be an item with a buying price of 10,000 bells or less. "Something New" is an item not in your catalog, and this will be worth 1,500 bells or less. Below are the reward types Wisp could potentially hand out and their chance in %.

If you live in a house...
Furniture - 40%
Wallpaper / Flooring - 24%
Bed - 24%
Clothing - 12%

If you live in a tent...
Furniture - 75%
Wallpaper / Flooring - 0%
Bed - 0%
Clothing - 25%

Photos taken by GavinGoneGlobal
Item percentages from the Official New Horizons Companion Guide

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