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Seasons in New Horizons

In past installations, Animal Crossing was always based off of the Northern Hemisphere season cycle. Now, we have the option to create an island in either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. Note, when deciding on which hemisphere to live on, this cannot be changed later on. Each season also introduces its own characteristics, such as different tree and grass colors. In addition, bugs and fish will interchange throughout the months as well. Seasonal events will differ in dates depending on which hemisphere you live in. The Bug Off and Fishing Tourney guides list all upcoming dates for each hemisphere, so you won't miss it! Below are the time periods for each season and their respective hemisphere.

Northern Hemisphere

Spring : February 25th - May 31st
Summer : June 1st - August 31st
Fall / Autumn : September 1st - November 25th
Winter : November 26th - February 24th

Southern Hemisphere

Spring : August 25th - November 30th
Summer : December 1st - February 28th/29th
Fall / Autumn : March 1st - May 25th
Winter : May 26th - August 24th

The trees and grass will be a light green during the Spring-time, and, you will see Cherry Blossom trees April 1st-10th if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, and October 1st-10th for the Southern Hemisphere. Once Summer approaches, the trees will turn a darker green shade, and is accompanied with a larger amount of bugs! During Autumn, the grass and trees lose their color and resort to a brown-orange color. Maybe you'll see a mushroom or two! Near the end of the season, maple leaves will begin to flutter in the wind. If you live in the Northern hemisphere, you will encounter these leaves between November 16th and the 25th. Southern hemisphere will enjoy them between April 16th and April 25th. Make sure you save these as they can be used for the seasonal DIY recipes! Once Winter hits, snow will arrive! Islands will be covered in snow beginning on December 11th (NH) and June 11th (SH) Some days you might even find some snowballs to build a snowman! If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you are able to catch fluttering snowflakes between December 11th and February 24th. Those in the Southern Hemisphere will see them between June 11th and August 24th. Additionally, between December 15th and January 6th, some cedar trees will spawn holiday lights, only if Resident Services has been upgraded.

Seasonal DIY Materials

Each season introduces specific materials that the player must collect in order to create the following seasonal DIY recipes. Below are the seasonal materials for each season and how long they are available for!

• Cherry Blossoms [April 1st-10th (NH) & October 1st-10th (SH)]
• Young Spring Bamboo [February 25th-May 31st (NH) & August 25th-November 30th (SH)]

• Summer Shells [June 1st-August 31st (NH) & December 1st-February 28th/29th (SH)]

Fall / Autumn
• Maple Leaves [November 1st-25th (NH) & April 16th-25th (SH)]
• Acorns [September 1st-December 10th (NH) & March 1st-June 10th (SH)]
• Pine cones [September 1st-December 10th (NH) & March 1st-June 10th (SH)]
• Mushrooms [November 1st-30th (NH) & May 1st-31st (SH)]
     - Skinny, Flat, Round, Rare, Elegant

• Snowflakes [December 11th-February 24th (NH) & June 11th-August 24th (SH)]
• Ornaments [December 15th-January 6th (NH & SH)]
     - Red, Blue, Gold

NH = Northern Hemisphere
SH = Southern Hemisphere

Enjoy what each season has to offer!
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