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7/22/2020 3:05pm
So i let my sis play with my ACNH and she convinced Zucker to move out. &#*Friend Code Detected*; ]So yeah Zucker is FT, in boxes DM me if interested
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Hello, and welcome to the community! You will first have to add your friend code to the site. Adding friend codes is a process, so please follow the instructions below.

» Click on My Friend Codes, located on the left sidebar.
» Click Edit, located at the top right corner.
» Ensure that you have selected the All tab.
» Scroll down to Nintendo 3DS Code.
» Enter your friend code in the section that it provides.
» Click Submit to ensure that it saves.

You will not be able to view other friend codes without first sending that person a friend request. To send a friend code request to someone, click the blue WiFi button in the corner of their post. They will have to accept before you see their code, however. This procedure is in place to prevent scams, as you will be able to give that user a rating based on how your WiFi session went.m
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xxthat was seven summers ago?
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