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Golden Tools

Like in previous Animal Crossing games, Golden tools in New Horizons are rewards for achieving milestones with tools. Unlike previous instalments however, Golden tools do not have unlimited durability and can break after 200 uses.


The grid below depicts the required actions to acquire the equipment;

Name of Tool - Action Needed
Golden axe - Break 100 Axes (Includes All Types)
Golden rod - Collect every fish in game
Golden net - Collect every bug in game
Golden shovel - Assist Gulliver with his NookPhone repair 30 times
Golden slingshot - Shoot down 300 balloons
Golden watering can - Reach 5-Star Island Rating

Once you have completed the necessary tasks for your tool/s, you will earn the DIY recipe for the tool/s rather than the physical item. You will also earn a Nook Miles Achievement for obtaining each Golden tool.

Crafting Requirements

All Golden tools require a Gold nugget to craft them. There is a rare chance that you can obtain Gold nuggets by hitting rocks with your shovel or axe.

Each golden tool requires the same crafting material formula;

Gold nugget + Tool (not flimsy) = Golden tool


Although the nuggets sell for 10,000 bells a piece, we would recommend that you save as many as possible due to their limited availability.

If you miss the golden balloon which contains the Golden slingshot DIY recipe, do not despair! The next balloon after that will also be golden until you shoot it down.

There is also no golden equivalent for a vaulting pole or ladder.

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