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Fishing Tourney

The Fishing Tourney has returned in New Horizons! We have a newcomer, C.J., who hosts the Tourney this time around! Note, the Tourney will appear once Resident Services has been upgraded. The player will have 3 minutes to catch as many fish as they can before time is up, as explained here. To begin, the player will need to speak to C.J. who will be in front of Resident Services. He will give you the first round for free, and any after will be 500 bells each.  Unlike the Bug Off, the Fishing Tourney dates are the same for both hemispheres as it is one per season. The tourney runs from 9am to 6pm, which allows you all day to collect every prize! Before starting a new round, the player must sell any fish that are currently in the cooler. C.J. will buy these for 1.5x the price that Timmy and Tommy will buy it from you for. By participating in each season, you can earn Nook Miles for each one! There are 4 stamps total to earn. In the event you do not spend all your points in a tourney, don't worry, because your leftover points will carry over to the next tourney!

Fishing Tourney Dates

Northern & Southern Hemispheres

-January 11
-April 11
-July 11
-October 10

-January 9
-April 10
-July 10
-October 9

Point System

To earn points, the player must catch fish, and will earn a 'bonus' of 3 points once 3 fish have been caught. Below is the scale used for the event. If the player as friends over and vice versa, the number of fish required for a bonus will be 5.

1 fish - 1 point
2 fish - 2 points
3 fish - 3 points
4 fish - 6 points
5 fish - 7 points
6 fish - 8 points
7 fish - 9 points
8 fish - 10 points
9 fish - 11 points
10 fish - 12 points


Alongside the items C.J. gives you during the day, if you rack up enough points you will earn a trophy, just like how the Bug Off operates. Trophies will be mailed to the player the following day. If you didn't make it to 300, you have a chance during the next Tourney as point totals carry over and are cumulative.

100 Points - Bronze
200 Points - Silver
300 Points - Gold

Below are the items that C.J. will hand out, at the cost of 10 points each.

-Marine Pop Wall
-Fish Rug
-Fish Umbrella
-Fish Wand
-Fish Drying Rack *This comes in 3 varieties(Octopus, Fish, Squid)
-Tackle Bag
-Fish Pochette
-Anchor Statue *Comes in 6 colors (Black, Blue, Gold, Retro, Silver, White)
-Fishing-rod Stand *Comes in 3 colors (Natural, Black, White)
-Fish Print *This comes in 7 variesties (Black Bass, Blue Marlin, Carp, Giant Snakehead, Giant Trevally, Red Snapper, & Squid)
-Fresh Cooler
-Fish Doorplate *Comes in 8 colors (Black, Purple, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow)
-Fish-print Tee

Images from VillagerDB


To maximize your fish, craft fish bait before starting each round! Find your favorite fishing spot and toss away! During the tourney, any caught fish will not go in your pockets, they will go straight to the cooler with C.J. Make sure you have extra fishing rods on hand in case they break while you are competing! Same as the Bug Off, do not run!! This will scare away all of your fish!

With the new addition of sea creatures to the game, it is worth noting that catching these will NOT attribute to your points during the Fishing Tourney, so stick to catching those fish!

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