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Bug Off

The Bug Off has returned in New Horizons! Unlike previous editions where winner was determined based on bug size, in New Horizons you are awarded based on the total amount of points you earned from catching bugs. Instead of Nat, we have Flick hosting the event! To start, the player will speak to Flick and he will give you the first round free at Resident's Services. (You have to catch as many bugs as you can within 3 minutes and then return to Flick as shown in these images. After the freebie, each play costs 500 bells. The event runs from 9am to 6pm, so you have all day to collect all the prizes! Before each round, you must sell the bugs in Flick's cage before starting a new one. Additionally, you can sell any bugs you may have saved for his visits during the Bug Off! If you do not spend all your points during the Bug Off, don't worry, as your leftover points will carry over to the next one!

Bug Off Dates

Northern Hemisphere
-June 27
-July 25
-August 22
-September 26

Southern Hemisphere
-November 21
-December 19
-January 16 2021
-February 20 2021

Point System

To earn points, the player must catch bugs, and will earn a 'bonus' of 3 points once 3 bugs have been caught which Flick describes here. Below is the scale used for the event. It is worth noting that if playing multiplayer, the bonus point is larger and each round is free instead of 500 bells.

1 bug - 1 point
2 bugs - 2 points
3 bugs - 5 points
4 bugs - 6 points
5 bugs - 7 points
6 bugs - 8 points
7 bugs - 9 points
8 bugs - 10 points
9 bugs - 11 points
10 bugs - 12 points


Alongside the items Flick gives you during the day, if you rack up enough points you will earn a trophy, just like how the Fishing Tourney operates.

100 Points - Bronze
200 Points - Silver
300 Points - Gold

Below are the items that Flick will hand out, at the cost of 10 points each.

-Artisanal Bug Cage
-Bug Aloha Shirt
-Bug Wand
-Bug Cage
-Butterflies Wall
-Butterfly Backpack
-Toy Cockroach
-Toy Centipede
-Ladybug Umbrella
-Ladybug Rug
-Spider Web
-Spider Doorplate *Comes in 8 colors (Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow)
-Termite mound

Images from VillagerDB


We strongly suggest you do not run...especially if you have flowers everywhere! Many bugs can be found on trees and stumps and will be scared away by your foot steps! Determine a route you want to take, and just run laps trying to find as many bugs as you can! Butterflies and flower bugs (ladybugs, orchid mantis) will most likely be the most common bugs you see if you have a flower heavy island. In summary, to maximize your bug hunting...do not run!

Another tip is to space out three spoiled turnips apart, running in between to catch any ants. At least one of the turnips had ants on it. Often 15+ points were collected using this strategy.

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