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Topic: New to the forum, trying to get out of my introvert shell

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7/13/2020 4:08am
Hi all! Was super late to NL, starting in 2018.  Being an extreme introvert, I was very content playing solo and managed to accomplish what I wanted in that game without going online.

Jump to this March when I accidentally discovered that NH was coming out, and managed to get the Switch Lite from the hubby as an early anniversary gift.  Jump again to last week when I finally came to the conclusion that I couldn’t get oranges, apples, and pears without making the leap and heading online.  Turns out, its way more fun than I expected, and I could finally start replacing my hideously colored Nook Miles items that Isabelle insisted I put all over my island.

Reddit is a bit too fast-paced for me, so I’m happy to be here and make new friends!
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Hello, and welcome to the community! We definitely have trading boards that are easily accessible. I have a quite a few Nook Miles items in my system that I am not too fond of, but you can absolutely find someone to trade with! We are all looking for different items and have different preferences, so it shouldn’t take too long to find a trade.

You will have a great time here. This community has definitely helped me come out of my introvert shell, although I’m still pretty introverted. However, I am more comfortable talking to others, so there’s that!
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