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6/26/2020 9:47pm
I'm pretty new to the Animal Crossing scene! My first game was New Horizons (I can't play online due to pirating it) and I recently bought a Wii. I started City Folk for the first time just today and while it's probably obvious I'm not far at all I've found myself a bit discouraged by the lack of other active CF players, or even general interest in it. (Of course, I understand NH is all the rage and that's understandable!)

I have been interested in setting up Wiimmfi in the hopes I could arrange playing with other City Folk players, but I've not yet met anyone who has any active interest in playing a game older than New Horizons. (Which is, again, understandable!)

I don't really have any items or anything to make playing with me worthwhile yet, so I guess all I can really offer is potential new friendship right now, ahaha. I'm interested in getting some foreign fruit since my starter was apples!

I have a lot to learn about City Folk compared to New Horizons. It's taking me a bit longer than I'd like to find out all the information I need to know, but I'll get there! I won't ask here because I'm sure I can figure it all out on my own.

If anyone would be interested in playing City Folk with me that'd be the push I need to really delve into figuring out how to set up Wiimmfi. I hope someone maybe is interested sometime!

Oh, and I forgot to mention I'm 24, so playing with people in their 20 and up is preferred!
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12/5/2020 7:55am
Hi.    I don't remember which Animal Crossing game this worked in.  But you have nothing to lose if you try it in City Folk.

To get foreign fruit, send a letter to every villager.   Attach an apple to each letter and say "send fruit."

You'll know if it works if they send you a letter back with a piece of fruit attached.

Good luck.

Live long and prosper!
Send a private message before you send a FCR or I'll ignore you.
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2/4/2022 3:45pm
Hey! I'm 28 and just started playing Animal Crossing City Folk. I love it, and am a little embarrassed it's taken me this long to give Animal Crossing a try, let alone on a 14(?) year old game. I love the Wii though. I'm trying to figure out if there's even a way to get a Friend Code for myself on City Folk anymore. I did the whole Wiimmfi hack to get online, but I can't seem to get a Friend Code. I just get an error message from the dog at the gate that the servers are down. 😞 I'd really love to play with other people. If anyone knows of a way to still get a Friend Code, please let me know!
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