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Welcome to the AC:NH Looking For board! Please review the following rules before posting on this board. We have also provided some thread examples and guidelines that we encourage you to follow to ensure you get the most out of this board.

Rules & Guidelines

1) The purpose of this board is to primarily look for specific items or villagers. You may also use this board if you are looking to visit another town for a specific event or purpose. And, it is acceptable for you to offer something in return, as long as the main purpose of your thread is to look for something.

Here are some examples of threads that are acceptable for this board:
• Looking for specific items
• Looking for specific villagers
• Searching for a town to sell turnips
• Looking for a town that has a specific special visitor
• Looking for a particular DIY recipe

At times, there may be instances of overlap between the NH Looking For board and the NH Offering board. For example, if a member is offering a large sum of items while also looking for items in exchange it could possibly live on both boards. Keep in mind that if the primary goal of your thread is to look for something from others, it should be posted on this board.

2) Before posting a thread, it may be worth browsing the threads on the Giveaways board to see if the item can be obtained for free from one of the Giveaways. You can also browse the Shop threads on the Shops and Services board to see if you can purchase the item you are looking for. The services on the Shops and Services boards are also a good place to look for a specific service, such as pulling weeds, landscaping, and requesting a custom pattern.

3) Please keep all activity on one thread until a transaction is final. Do not have multiple public threads for what you are looking for. Do not accept requests via private thread. Once an agreement is made on a public thread, you may then use PTs to set up your online session.

4) Please be reasonable with your pricing and requests. If no one is responding to your request, consider lowing your price or trade request.

5) Whether you are posting a thread, or responding to a thread on this board, you may not exchange, request, trade, offer, or sell items that can only be obtained via hacking or modifying the game. Please check Rule 2.9 Discussing or Exchanging Duplicated/Hacked/Modified Items for more information.

6) Do not respond to threads on the Looking For board if you don't have the items, villagers, recipes, or turnip prices that the original poster is looking for. Posts unrelated to the original post may be removed as spamming.

7) Do not post in threads on this board if you don't intend to complete the trade, purchase, or exchange. You are expected to be reasonable and serious in your posts. Do not post and agree to a transaction and then retract your offer.

8) Do not post about what you are looking for in a thread that has been created by another member unless you are offering the original poster something in exchange for what they are looking for. If your request is not related to the thread it may be considered hijacking other people's threads and will be removed as spamming.

If there are questions regarding these rules and guidelines, please contact a Moderator via PT.

Suggested Format for a Looking For Thread

Your thread title should state what you are looking for. Optionally, you may include something about items you'd like to give in return, but we suggest you save that information for your opening post.

• Looking For: High Turnip Prices
• LF: Sherb or Raymond
• Looking For Ironwood Recipes
• LF: Any DIY Recipe in exchange for Nook Mile Tickets
• LF: A town hosting a Special Event

Your first post should include information regarding the item(s) or villager item(s), villager, or town with an event you are looking for. You may also mention what you would be willing to trade for your request. This can be anything that is found in-game, such as bells, Nook Mile tickets, DIY Recipes, and items.

Here are two examples of how you could word your opening post:

Looking For: Sherb or Raymond
For Exchange: Name your price!

Looking For: A town with turnip prices over 300 BPT (bells per turnip).
For Exchange: I'll give you 10% of my earnings that I make.

Once you've found someone to trade with, you may either share friend codes using the Friend Code Request system or share Dodo Codes. Keep in mind that Dodo Codes may only be shared in Private Threads (PTs) and not on public boards.
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