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Topic: Is it worth buying ACNH?

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7/8/2020 10:43pm
Hello everyone,

I recently picked up my 3ds after a few years of not playing at all. I’ve been playing New Leaf and am making lots of progress on my new town and home. However, I’ve noticed that many people aren’t really playing it anymore. I don’t own a Nintendo Switch, but could perhaps invest in a secondhand one if people think that it’s definitely worth playing Animal Crossing New Horizons instead of New Leaf?

What do you guys recommend? Is ACNH significantly better than ACNL? What are some of it’s better features and is it worth the upgrade?

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7/31/2020 4:31pm
I still play NL and have found the subreddit and corresponding Discord server very active for NL players. You may want to check these communities out to see if they'd be a good fit.

In regards to your question about ACNH, there are few recent threads that address the question if NH is better than NL that you could check out to see a variety of opinions.

NH has a lot of new features and game mechanics that are brand new to the franchise, which make it def a good upgrade. However, as you'll see in the threads, there are a variety of changes that have not been popular.

Personally, I would recommend NH but I prefer NL over NH
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3/2 2:05pm
I'd say NH is worth it, it's a bit of a tradeoff though, do you want to spend a lot of time and energy in crafting and in landscaping, with much, MUCH improved graphics/lighting? Does the ability to move villagers anywhere matter to you? Does the ability to make money from picking weeds tickle your fancy?
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General AC Discussion Board » Topic: Is it worth buying ACNH?

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