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11/23 10:24pm
So I’ve been thinking about doing an Omega Ruby Nuzlocke and I want to know, when I finish it, does it end after I beat Steven or after I finish the Delta episode? And also, when I get the fishing rod when I go to a new area, do I choose between catching a Pokémon in the grass or fishing, or can I do both? And does other gift Pokémon, like Cosplay Pikachu, and Pokémon you get from in-game trades alright contenders?
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7/13 1:00pm
A Nuzlocke for Omega Ruby would typically end after the Delta Episode and you are normally limited to one Pokemon per route, so you would have to choose between the patch of grass or fishing.

As for Gift Pokemon, they don't count to the rule of one Pokemon per area. In-game trades is a little more sketchy, but I would assume it would be the same. (In that it doesn't count to the one-per-area rule)

Nuzlocke's are flexible, the rules are as you make them. Find something that is comfortable for you and go from there c:
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