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Title says it all. You can also list honorable mentions if you like.

Alligator: Boots
Anteater: Nosegay
Bear: Pinky (HM: Tutu, Teddy)
Bird: Anchovy (HM: Flash, Medli)
Bull: Angus
Cat: Bob (HM: Rosie, Kiki, Merry, Punchy)
Chicken: Ava
Cow: Belle
Cub: Bluebear (HM: Stitches, Maple, Pekoe)
Deer: Zell (HM: Fauna)
Dog: Goldie (HM: Daisy, Lucky)
Duck: Deena (HM: Joey)
Eagle: Celia
Elephant: Big Top
Frog: Lily (HM: Puddles)
Goat: Nan
Gorilla: Louie
Hamster: Flurry (HM: Apple)
Hippo: Bertha (HM: Bubbles)
Horse: Savannah
Kangaroo: Sylvia (HM: Carrie)
Koala: Sydney
Lion: Bud
Monkey: Nana
Mouse: Dora (HM: Penny, Candi, Bettina)
Octopus: Marina
Ostrich: Phoebe
Penguin: Cube (HM: Roald, Sprinkle)
Pig: Hambo
Rabbit: Ruby (HM: Bunnie, Snake, Dotty, Pippy)
Rhino: Hornsby
Sheep: Stella (HM: Vesta)
Squirrel: Peanut (HM: Sally, Mint, Static, Poppy, Sylvana)
Tiger: Bangle
Wolf: Fang (HM: Chief)
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3/1 10:35pm
Alligator- Liz
Anteater- Nosegay
Bear- Paula and Dozer
Bear Cub- Cupcake and Cheri
Bird- Ace
Bull- Stu
Cat- Rosie
Chicken- Leigh
Cow- Bessie
Deer- Fauna
Dog- Maddie and Megumi
Duck- Fruity
Eagle- Quetzal
Elephant- Elina
Frog- Sunny
Goat- Iggy
Gorilla- Louie
Hamster- Hamlet
Hippo- Lulu
Horse- Cleo
Kangaroo- Marcy
Koala- Ozzie and Huggy
Lion- Aziz
Mice- Penny
Monkey- Champ
Octopus- Zucker
Ostrich- Sandy
Penguin- Analog
Pig- Hambo
Rabbit- Claude and Mira
Rhino- Patricia
Sheep- Woolio
Squirrel- Cally
Tiger- Bianca
Wolf- Vivian
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Elmer, Wade, Hornsby, Cally, Raymond, Mott, Bianca, Rasher, Vivian, Tammy
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8/27/2020 5:25pm
Alligator: Del
Anteater: Cyrano
Bear: Paula
Bird: Jay
Bull: Chuck
Cat: Kabuki
Chicken: Becky
Cow: Patty
Cub: Pudge
Deer: Fauna
Dog: Biskit
Duck: Ketchup
Eagle: Apollo
Elephant: Tia
Frog: Wart Jr.
Goat: Velma
Gorilla: Louie
Hamster: Hamphrey
Hippo: Rocco
Horse: Elmer
Kangaroo: Walt
Koala: Gonzo
Lion: Elvis
Monkey: Champ
Mouse: Chadder
Octopus: Inkwell
Ostrich: Julia
Penguin: Hopper
Pig: Kevin
Rabbit: Genji
Rhino: Merengue
Sheep: Stella
Squirrel: Peanut
Tiger: Bianca
Wolf: Chief
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2/13 3:34am
I will include only the species of villagers I've actually had in one of my villages, since I obviously can't say much about those I've never met.

Bull: Rodeo
Cat: Olivia (HM: Moe)
Chicken: Plucky
Cow: Tipper
Dog: Bea
Eagle: Celia
Goat: Chevre
Hamster: Apple
Horse: Julian
Koala: Ozzie (HM: Canberra)
Lion: Bud
Monkey: Simon
Pig: Curly
Rabbit: Gaston
Rhino: Renée
Sheep: Curlos
Squirrel: Nibbles (HM: Sheldon)
Wolf: Lobo
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