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Topic: ACC time inconsistent

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6/5/2020 2:57am
Hi all, I am confused about the ACC.

I understand the site was originally creatures based on the Kentucky time zone.

I live in the UK so this site is generally 5 hours behind me, however when I checked earlier (showing my friend the site) it was 11:34 my time, but 6:17 website time, 5 hours and 17 mins difference.

Just checked again 11:45 and ACC is 6:44, 11:59 and ACC is 6:47

It feels like it has its own time zone, that is frequently changing the minutes.

Anyone else noticed this? Or can this be looked into?
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8/21 10:19pm
The site always matches up to the timezone I'm in (Eastern US), so it's certainly not a case of the site having its own timezone.

Keep in mind that the time at the top of the page is generated when the page is loaded, and it does not update in real time after that. So if you load a page at 9:45 ACC time, and then do something else for a few minutes, then look at it again, it'll still say 9:45 until you refresh.
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