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Hey folks, we hope everybody is enjoying New Horizons over these last few weeks. We have noticed there has been some confusion regarding our AC:NH related boards, and I am hoping we can clear up some of the major concerns we've been seeing with this announcement. To start, our Moderation team has been pretty lenient in not issuing minor violations for things like posting on the wrong board, spamming, posting FCs and Dodo codes, etc. During the first month of the launch of New Horizons, we have opted to move threads and take care of minor issues by leaving a note or PTing the user directly while everybody gets used to the new boards and increased activity. Starting April 20th, we will be issuing all violations as normal again to ensure that ACC stays an organized, safe, family-friendly site for all. We are giving a heads up now so that people have time to get fully acquainted with the rules.

Now on to clarify some of the common mistakes we have been seeing around the site since the release of New Horizons.

Posting on the Wrong Board
To keep our boards orderly, please ensure that you are posting your threads on the correct board. This also ensures that your thread reaches the correct audience.

• The AC:NH General board should be used only for discussion type threads related to New Horizons. Any trade requests threads, online play session type threads, or shop/service threads do not belong on this board.
• The AC:NH Trading board should be used for any sort of thread where you are setting up a one-off online session where some sort of exchange will take place. This includes, but is not limited to item trades, buying/selling items, villager trades, buying/selling villagers, giving away items/villagers, and auctions. Note that long term shops need to be posted to the Shops and Services board, while long term giveaways need to be posted to the Giveaways board.
•Lastly, the AC:NH WiFi Lobby should be used for all other types of New Horizons online sessions. This includes, but is not limited to looking for new friends in New Horizons threads, looking for a town to sell turnips in threads, opening your town for turnip sellers threads, looking for a town with a special visitor, opening your town for people to see special visitors, opening your town for visitors to get a DIY recipe from a crafting villager, cataloging sessions, and one-off service types of sessions. Note that if you are looking for a service, you need to use the Looking for a Service sticky. Threads for the sole purpose of looking for a service, such as looking for somebody to pull your weeds or to water your flowers are not permitted and will be locked. Also, keep in mind that long term services need to operate out of the Shops and Services board.

If you are unsure of what board your thread should be posted on, please stop by the Help with where to post topics/threads sticky, and a member of the Moderator team will be happy to assist you.

Dodo Codes
As mentioned in a previous announcement, Dodo codes are not permitted to be posted anywhere on the site, other than in PTs. It is perfectly fine to set up a session on the public boards, but if you plan to use a Dodo code, it must be sent via PT. Please see our ACC Dodo Code Policy for more details.

We have noticed a problem with spamming, especially in regards to trade and online play session types of threads. Keep in mind that a thread owner is only allowed to bump their thread once per hour, and these bumps must be constructive. Constructive bumps will re-establish the status of your thread. Posts like "still open for turnips for two more hours" or "I'm still looking to buy three gold nuggets!" are acceptable. Just posting the word "bump" or other nonsense will be considered as spam. Also, do not hijack other people's threads by posting comments that have nothing to do with the exchange or online play session that the thread poster is looking for. These will be removed as spamming at best, and in more serious cases, a trolling violation may be issued. In short, if you are not planning on taking part in the exchange or online play session, do not post in the thread.

Drawing Excessive Attention
We have noticed that some are drawing excessive attention with their thread titles by using all caps or including a bunch of symbols. Use common sense with capitalization and symbols. Symbols and special characters can be used in thread titles to separate pieces of information but cannot be used as artwork. Moderators have the right to change any title that may be in violation of this rule.

We are working on releasing a separate Villager Trading board for NH soon to help further organize our trading related threads and to make it easier for our users to find the types of threads they are looking for. We also plan to put together some more in depth rules and guidelines for the New Horizons related boards that will hopefully improve the ACC forums experience for all of our New Horizons users. We appreciate your patience and cooperation. In the mean time, if you have any questions about what has been brought up in this announcement or any of our other site rules, policies, or guidelines, please either contact a Moderator or post on Site Support. Thank you!
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