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Topic: Broken Friendship: Am I the Only One Here Who Feels This Way?

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5/31/2020 5:19pm
Recently, I had a rather toxic end to a friendship I had with a person for years. We always did things with each other and we became rather close until they suddenly became much more quiet around me and even began to actively hide from me and avoid me. They didn't want to work things out with me and so I ended things there. They were upset and started calling me things out of anger, which is understandable, but it pains me to see things get that way to begin with and it's weighed heavily on my mind the last week or so.

They've moved on already and now that we're apart, I've grown disinterested in most of the games I've had. I believe it's because they are a die hard Nintendo fan, and especially a Breath of the Wild fan, that I've wanted to sell some of it off and give Sony's PlayStation a go. I've already a few games in mind that look appealing to me but I will keep my consoles, my AC games, and my Mario Party games because those are the ones that I really like.

All that tragedy aside, I'm certain that most of us have gone through some bad spots with people that ultimately led to the end of relationships. Have you ever felt that negatively about a game or video game company because of someone you used to know? Are there things that you've lost all taste for because that person liked them too?

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3/4 2:28pm
Personally? No.

Granted, I usually do not let people get close enough to hurt me these days. (social anxiety + I'm introverted and asocial XD) the few times I let people get too close in the past ended up being massive mistakes that ended up scarring me, so I like to think I've learned my lesson lol)

But something similar happened to my little sister so I can empathize:

She used to LOVE the megaman franchise. as in crazy otaku levels. had tons of statues, figurines collectibles etc.

One of her best friends for years got her into it from what she's told me, but then that "friend" ended up turning on her and hurting her deeply to the point where she still has PTSD over it.

She can't stomach hearing about the series anymore because it keeps reminding her of how much she was hurt by that person. She sold all her merchandise (which was a TON) and all of the megaman games she had. (which was a lot)

long story short: I think it's perfectly understandable to stop liking something or distance yourself from something/someone that hurt you. (or reminds you of something/someone that hurt you.)
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3/19 4:26pm
My ex dumped me in 2014. We had so many common interests- music, video games, TV shows, all sorts of stuff. I was so devastated by the break-up, it was triggering to do anything that we both mutually liked.

I couldn't listen to Florence + the Machine because that was my ex's favorite band, for example.

The breakup happened right when Smash Bros. for 3DS came out, we were supposed to go to the overnight release together but of course I ended up going alone instead. I had difficult playing the game without wanting to cry so I didn't play it for very long.

I tried playing it again in 2018 and... still found it weird to do. I just didn't like it. The other Smash Bros. games don't bother me at all anymore, but that one still does.

This also may be why I can't play New Leaf.

I've never seen Back to the Future. My ex was really into 80's nostalgia stuff, loved this movie to bits and swore we'd sit down and watch it together. We didn't get that far and now I don't think I'll ever watch it.

It took me years to watch anything related to Tim & Eric ever again.

I've had similar incidents happen with just platonic friends, but none as severe as this.
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